Skin Type: Normal to Combination
Skin concerns: Oily T-zone, blackheads, dark eye rings
Age Group: Mid 20s
Race: Chinese 
Occupation: Self-Proclaimed Beauty Junkie

My name is Charlotte but I also go by my Cozycot nickname and current pen name; Ashlene.
I'm the face behind A Beauty Affair, here's a snippet about myself.

As a beauty enthusiast, I enjoy trying out new products, as much as I'm guilty of buying more than I can finish. Frequently seen hanging out in drugstores like Watsons & Sasa, where endless shelves of makeup and skincare products keep me occupied & drain my pockets dry.

You can also find me stalking out beauty forums such as Flowerpod, Cozycot & the likes.
I was a moderator at Cozycot forum till the staff took over. Have you seen the Aqualabel advertorial that was featured on Cozycot.com in which I was the guest writer? Check it out HERE

My current main skin concerns are aging *screams* "I don't wanna grow old!" and sustaining a blemish-free complexion.
And if you must know, my nose is a breeding ground for blackheads and that is why facial visits are often more torturing then pampering for me.
I'm all about ambiance & skill when it comes to spa treatments, and very often enjoy the occasional indulgence in a full body massage.

Drawn to neutral, earthly & nude shades along with dark, dramatic eye looks, I simply can't live without fake eyelashes and eyeliner. They say your eyes are the windows of your soul and I love pretty windows.

I enjoy attending product launches, events & workshops with my dear beauty partner in crime; HM.
Do check out her blog at:Little Pumpkin Pies 

Another frequently seen beauty junkie would be June (Junelicious Spa & Living) , who also attends beauty events with me.
She will focus more on lifestyle topics such as facials & spas.

(Ashlene on the left & June on the right)

If you wish to invite me to do an advertorial, attend your event &/or review your product(s), feel free to drop me an email. 
Or if you do have any questions, I will be more than glad to help out.


*Important note regarding advertorials & reviews*

I do take pride in my writing because I take effort to try out the product(s)/service(s), document the process and then finally blog about it as well as actively help to promote in forums etc.
I do my best to provide candid & honest reviews.

Thus, it's really disappointing if a brand engages a plagiarizing bogus blogger who also steals images/extracts from other writers and has a notorious reputation in this circle of beauty bloggers.
Therefore, I hope all brands and companies will seriously reconsider if you are intending to engage such a blogger.

Feature Snippets

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