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[REVIEW] SkinLab Medical Spa Radiant Peel Review

Sometime back, I went for my very first chemical peel at SkinLab Medical Spa, which is located conveniently at The Wheelock Place. 

It's a cosy spa center on the 4th level, once you get up from the escalator from the entrance, you'll be able to spot it. 

The treatment I got to try was the Advance Acne Solution(Medical Peel with Facial)90mins at S$268.

 It is most suited for those with active acne, where you will experience a medical peel and cooling mask to aid healing. However, for usual exfoliation, you may also try this out. I was advised by the therapist that I could do this once every 3 weeks to ensure a glowing, brighter complexion.

Introduction to Skinlab Medical Spa

SkinLab Medical Spa is the culmination of the vision, dynamism and expertise of doctor; Dr Kelvin Chua who wanted to integrate the pampering, attentive yet unobstrusive service of a world class spa with the most advanced of medical techniques in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. In their facility, they create non-invasive, non-surgical, safe and effective beauty solutions to treat mind, body and soul.

Their Medical Spa has built a reputation of excellence by providing treatments to consistently high standards. They have beauty therapists performing facials, body treatments and massages working alongside their aesthetic physician. The therapists have a minimum of five years experience both locally and abroad and all have certificated training. 

Like most spa places, I given a nice warm cup of tea to settle down before my consultation & treatment. 

Next, I'm brought to the consultation room to meet Dr Chua. He has a whole list of credentials under his belt; M.B.,B.S. (Adelaide, Australia), Certified Laser Physician, Grad Dip Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), Certified Laser Lipolysis Physician, Member American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine &Member Anti-Aging Association.

Dr Kelvin Chua is also no stranger to the media, having been featured in a wide variety of magazines for expert advise and guest appearance on cosmetic and skin advise e.g. Simply Her, Her World, Women’s Weekly, Today Newspaper, Straits Times, Lian He Wan Bao.

He started his surgical training in Australian teaching hospitals, spending time in dermatology and surgical rotations. He has also designed comprehensive diet regimens and anti-aging programmes for SkinLab Medical Spa.  He has also a keen interest in the treatment of various skin conditions with novel effective techniques. He remains well informed of the latest developments in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine by attending elective conferences and training workshops regularly in Europe and USA.

So what went on during my consultation?

I told Dr Chua my skin concerns - blackheads, oily T-zone, uneven skintone. He then explained to me the causes of my skin issues, like for blackheads were due to my oily T-zone. So he recommended that I stopped applying moisturizer in the day. He also explained the formation of blackheads and that it was always be a recurring problem for me due to my oily T-zone.

What I could do was to do regular exfoliation and use products which dissolve the blackheads. Products that forcefully remove blackheads may widen the pores and cause more sebum to be trapped within and exposed. Hence, causing the blackheads to appear even more prominent.

As for uneven skin tone, it is mainly due to my medium tone skin color and how I sometimes enjoy basking in the sun. He suggested that I use an SPF 50 sunscreen daily and try to stay out of the sun as much as I could. This is to avoid getting the much dreaded effects of photo-aging in my later years.

I was recommended the Advance Acne Solution with a medical peel of 5%. Dr Chua believed that my skin had enough dead skin cells and since it was not sensitive, I could withstand 5% for the peel.
After my consultation, I'm brought to my treatment room and I got a major surprise upon entering. 

Check out that room! It is definitely by far the largest treatment room I have been into, this is great for those claustrophobic people. Because I have been to quite a number of places and some of the rooms are really tiny.
And it's not only spacious but also very clean, neat & welcoming. There is also a sofa infront of the treatment bed for you to place your stuff. So if you are heading down for a facial after doing some major shopping, fret not that they will not enough space for your numerous shopping bags.

So what to expect during treatment?

First, my therapist removes my makeup and does a double cleanse.

Next, she prepares the medical peel solution and applies it onto my face. I'm told to expect slight itching or stinging and that is normal. She set the timer to 5 minutes as recommended by the Dr and begun applying. Soon my face felt like there were hundreds of ants crawling around and the urge to just reach out and scratch my face was quite tempting.

However, it was still bearable, after all, it was just for 5 minutes.  My therapist then used ice water to neutralize the solution and stop the itching. Then it was time for the most dreaded step in a facial : Extractions. However, this time round, it was quite painless and fast. She proceeded to trim and tidy my brows while I was almost falling asleep.

Once she was done, she applied a serum onto my face and this was followed by a facial massage. I love facial massages because they are so pampering and one of the major highlights of a facial for me. Next, I got to indulge in a shoulder massage too. I was in bliss as I laid on the treatment bed and once again, drifting to sweet slumber.

My treatment ended with a mask which was specially prescribed and mixed with all the right ingredients to suit my skin condition. And after that, I emerged fresh faced and glowing.
I was also advised that I might experience mild peeling/flaking of the skin due to the medical peel. However, I didn't but the pimple on my cheek which was still full became flattened and dried out the very next day. Yipee!


 Facilities: 5/5  Spacious treatment rooms, feels like a resort spa place. Very clean & neat-looking place.
Treatment:  4/5, it was a pretty relaxing facial.
Value for money: 4/5



Please quote "A BEAUTY AFFAIR" to enjoy *$38 Medical Peel 30min OR $68 Gentle Milk Exfoliation Facial 90min.

*Valid till 31 May 2011 and for new customers of SkinLab Medical Spa only.

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