Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fashion @ the Races

Previously, I was invited to Singapore Turf Club to participate in an event called Fashion @ the Races.

It was my visit down to the Singapore Turf Club & it was indeed an eye-opener.
We got to enjoy the VIP room - Hibiscus which also once hosted President Nathan.

You get to watch the races in comfort & style from above. This VIP room boasts an aerial view of the entire race course and has it own betting counters and machines. Some tables are equipped with this monitor which allows you get a closer view of what's going on down below at the race course.

You could book similar rooms like these in Singapore Turf Club for private events. I think they're refreshing and interesting as compared to conventional venues for a corporate event or celebration.

The folks at Singapore Turf Club were so kind as to let us tour around the area. And guess what was the highlight of the event for me? Seeing the horses up-close! 
And they don't stink like those horses in Batam Hotels for horse-riding.

And I also learnt something new at Singapore Turf Club... Jockeys are really kind of petite and most were probably around my weight or lighter. Usually from afar or on TV, you just simply can't tell that they are really quite pint-sized!

After watching a few races and adrenaline rising each time as the crowd started chanting their favourite horse's number. I decided to use the $5 voucher found in my goodie bag to place my first ever horse racing bet.

I wish I could say that this was my winning ticket but unfortunately, a black horse won the race.
But nevertheless, I did have an enjoyable at Singapore Turf Club together with my dear friend, Shirley.

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