Tuesday, 5 April 2011

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Leonard Drake Opens Two New Outlets! (Rebranded as AsterSpring).

Leonard Drake Skin Care & Health Spa centres in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia are known as AsterSpring. In 2011, the outlets in Singapore will follow suit in this regional alignment of rebranding Leonard Drake to AsterSpring in a matter of time. 

 The move marks an exciting time by the same company owner (Esthetics International Group who owns Leonard Drake Skincare & Health Spa) in establishing the new name of AsterSpring for the Singapore market. Having been around for more than 26 years with 57 outlets regionally in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, we have helped over 1 million customers achieve good skin health, inner vitality and total wellness.

Call any of the AsterSpring centres today to make an appointment!
New Customer special offers are available!!

Sembawang Shopping Centre #02-23 (T: 6483 8393)

AMK Hub #B1-23 (T: 6853 3036)

Hey readers, do stay tuned for my review on my facial at Leonard Drake (AsterSpring) this coming Friday :)

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singapore spa said...

This was a great news, congrats for another success and goodluck

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