Thursday, 17 March 2011

[REVIEW] Oxygenating Skin Therapy at AngelFace

I just had the most pampering facial ever at Angelface... because this is the first time I had one that included a foot massage too!

Angelface has been established since 2000, it runs an exclusive group of salons with a complete therapy of professional consultation for any requirements. With branches located in the CBD areas such as The Adelphi and Tanjong Pagar, makes it convenient for busy working professionals in need of an indulgence.

The facial I got to enjoy was the Oxygenating Skin Therapy
This treatment is recommended for those suffering from dull, lacklustre skin due to lack of sleep and stress.
It will rid your skin of all signs of exhaustion, reviving it and giving it an all natural glow.
Oxygen, the main active ingredient in this treatment, rejuvenates and improves blood circulation of the face, revealing a brighter and healthier complexion after treatment.

What is Oxygenating Skin Therapy? How does it work?

This revolutionary new technology  is an alternative to injection; a needle-free Mesotherapy treatment. Pressure Injection Technology is a cutting edge biotechnology that delivers natural, safe and effective treatment to activate skin cells at the cellular level.
And best of all, there are no marks or no pain during the treatment at all!

What to expect during the treatment?

A lovely, soothing aromatherapy scent greeted me the moment I reached.
Very soon, I found myself calmed and relaxed; all ready for my treatment.
They also served fruity tea which was a delightfully good tasting.

Prior to the treatment, my lovely therapist; Joanne, gave me a relaxing head and shoulder massage.
Next, she removed my makeup before double cleansing my face.
As they do not use a steamer, she placed a cotton wool soaked with blackhead softener on my nose and chin. Well, cause these are the two most blackhead infested areas on my face. :(

After awhile, she proceeds with the extractions and I must say, the pain is bearable. She was gentle enough and best of all, Joanne left minimal red marks on my face! It was truly amazing and very important for those who come in for a quick pampering session before heading back to work.
You don't want the whole world to know that you had just went in for facial.

After extraction, Joanne gave me a pampering facial massage with a few drops of aroma essential oil. Then she removes the excess oil and cream and applies the oxygen serum to prepare for my oxygen treatment.
The oxygen treatment machine has this pen-like device which is applied all around.
It feels like a gush of oxygen is being shot out around several areas of my face.

Once the oxygen treatment is done, Joanne applies an eye relaxing thermal mask to soothe my tired eyes and a multivitamin power recovery mask. 
As I'm enjoying the the masks, Joanne indulges me into a hand and foot massage.
Seriously!? This is the first time I'm receiving so many massages in one treatment.
Angelface really knows how to pamper and relax their customers!

After the removal of the masks, my face is cleansed and multi-toner is sprayed on.
To finish off the treatment, Joanne applies a moisturizer and sunblock.

So why go for the Oxygenating Skin Therapy?

It was such a pampering, indulging treat I would love to go for again.
You get all these calming, pampering massages that comes along with the facial.
My skin was visibly glowing after the session and there was only slight redness on my skin which faded off pretty quickly.
Regardless of whether I have make up on or not, my face was positively glowing!

Environment: 4/5 Great! I enjoyed the aromatherapy very much.
Facilities: 4/5 Not bad. The room was spacious and bigger than most other facial rooms I've been too. There is a mirror inside too for me to apply makeup after my facial.
Treatment: Full marks! 5/5, really pampering treat.
Value for money: 4/5
Overall Rating: .25


Oxygenating Skin Therapy is available at Angelface salons at S$98 for first time trial.
(Usual Price S$288)
Just call them at their respective branches to book an appointment!

Angelface salons has single rooms and couple rooms for those of you who wanna enjoy a romantic pampering treat with your partner or best friend :)

Angelface Branches

Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 082001
Tel: 6221 3723 / 6225 2300

The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street 
Singapore 179803
Tel: 6334 6228

Roxy Square 2
50 East Coast Road
Singapore 428769
Tel: 6348 1315

Visit their site at:

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