Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Did you managed to catch HEME products @ 20% discount last week?

 Taiwan popular girl band, SHE fronts skincare brand HEME.

 HEME's a new kid in the block of skincare with quality & affordable products.
The past few days when I've been hanging around Watsons, I have seen their items going for 20% off.

And given that their products are so reasonably priced...
1. 24hr Hydrating Face Moisturizer (40ml) @ S$18.90
2. 24hr Hydrating Instant Recovery Serum (30ml)
@ S$18.90
3. 24hr Hydrating Detox-White Night Jelly (50ml) @ S$18.90
4. 24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask (5pc/box) @ S$18.90
5. 24hr Hydrating Ultra-White Lift V-Mask (5pc/box) @ S$20.90
6. Instant Lift & Whitening Eye Mask (5pc/box) @ S$18.90

20% off is a STEAL! YES!!

Unfortunately, the offer ended on 23rd Feb, sorry for not blogging about this earlier. :(
For current Watsons promotions, do CLICK HERE

Anyway, to check out my reviews, go down to Watsons & see if they have testers for you to sample.
And buy something :)
And yes! My review can be found HERE! CLICK NOW!
Do check out the HEME website link above for my featured review.


Belle said...


I just bought mine yesterday with no discount!!!

Miss C said...

Sorry babe, promo ended 23rd Feb :( Just clarified :(

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