Friday, 18 February 2011

Hello! I'm back from paradise :)

Ok so this entry was delayed but anyway, last week was marked as one of the best of 2011 thus far (I hope there's more to come though!). 
I was in beautiful, picturesque Maldives for my honeymoon. 
And I had so much fun with the fishes, the clear waters or just lazing around in my water villa.
Though it's not a pocket-friendly destination, I felt that this is a paradise worth splurging on.
Besides, it might just disappear in a decade.
Did you know that most islands were no more than just mere 70cm above sea level?
Yeah, blame it on global warming.

It was an eye-opening experience to feed the stingrays every evening.
These docile & delightful creatures would come by the shore punctually around 4pm.
Feeding begins at 5pm and after that, they would take a swim round the entire island before heading home.

Best part about this feeding session was interacting with the rays on a personal level.
You could just touch and pat them like little puppies.
But just be wary of their barbed tails as they splash and thrush around the waters.

Our water villa had access down to the sea directly and we could see various fishes come by our deck daily.
I enjoyed feeding them every morning or just watching and observing them as they went about their usual fishy business.

You could just go down for a swim or snorkel as well.

My area had their own coral reefs so you did not have to venture out too far into the open sea for a little tour around.
However, I'm kind of put off by corals... 
They don't look all that pretty except for those found deeper in the ocean - you get to view these during dives only.
That's cause I had a nasty encounter when I snorkeled unknowingly into the middle of a huge ass coral reef.
Say about an MRT cabin long in width and the water was unfortunately up to waist level the most.
This meant I bumped into a couple of taller corals and had glazes and cuts over my legs. 

I have a pretty dark tan now due to the unforgiving Maldivian sun.
However, Skin MD Shielding Lotion with Aloe Vera extract is currently keeping my skin cool & soothed :)
If you wanna read my previous review, do check it out HERE

Anyway, would I want to visit Maldives again?
Hell yes!
But I might just wanna check out similar concept locations instead.
It would be dream come true to set foot on Bora Bora Islands.
Else Mauritius or the Bahamas would do too.

Meanwhile, you could check out my stingray feeding video below.

Thanks to Kara for the support. She is getting her business degrees online so
that she has more free time to hang out with friends and go on trips.


Belle said...

Congrads ger!! The pictures look so pretty. Very sad that you stop blogging in the other site. Will you sharing your wedding stuff? Would really like to see your wedding photos!!

Miss C said...

Hey Belle, ur the same Belle from NYP?
Email me?
My wedding photos are on my Facebook :)

Belle said...

Yep!! Just mailed you! =)

Jojo said...

Congrats :) And do you mind revealing how much was the Maldives package and for how many days ? Heard that's it very expensive to go there especially so if you're staying at their villas :(

Miss C said...

Hi, I didn't get a package but did it ala-carte. It costs us both approx 6K++ excld air tickets. Our villas were booked through and around SGD1.1K a night incld taxes. Villas are very expensive but worth the experience :) My hotel was Taj Vivanta Coral Reefs.

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