Wednesday, 16 February 2011's epic failure with BKK Trip Deals's facebook page is flooded with angry customers requesting for their refunds.
It turns out that previous deals for BKK trips had hidden costs and ridiculous terms & conditions that were only made known later on after they had paid.

These deals were exceptionally popular with 3108 vouchers sold for the 1st one and 2628 sold for the 2nd deal. Less than S$200 for air tickets & accomodation - what a bargain!
So many folks were tempted, even my friends were MSNing me about this deal.
But seriously, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

I do not know the exact Terms & Conditions that were displayed on the site when the deal was still going on. However, according to some disgruntled customers, it was shady and unclear.
Quoting from one of the comments off's facebook page :

Wendy Bunbun says " Just got the most terrible travel confirmation from Connection Tours for the 4d3n Bangkok $188 deal, other time not giving us our preferred airline (ok fine), departure time is 1910hrs and returning is 0925hrs. So much for "4d3n". "

Apart from a ridiculous flight timing, apparently, they were allocated an airline that charged a high airport tax.
And this Mai airline (Myanmar) has weekend surcharge of S$100/pax as you can see from the below comment by Helen Tai.

Indeed, it's no wonder these customers are so pissed off. I would be too if I were them!
To make things worst, their lines are engaged, probably due to the influx of thousands of displeased customers attempting to call through for a refund.

Let me share my personal point of view on why I won't purchase such travel vouchers.

1) Once voucher is purchased, you might have to just suck it in and take whatever crap that is offered to you during the stay. You might be restricted from certain privileges all because you got the room/tickets at a "very special promo" price.
Example : Sorry, we can't give you the sea view rooms or higher floors, voucher holders are not entitled to this.

What can you do? Lan lan suck thumb, holiday ruined then come return to SG and kaobei on their facebook page?

2) Because so many people have bought the vouchers, unless it's a big one, there might not be enough rooms left for you to book, especially during peak periods like long weekends. Or who knows, the hotel only reserves a certain number of rooms per day for this promotion.

3) As you have paid for it at such a low price, you won't get excellent customer service anywhere somehow. It's like what they say '一分钱一分货' you get what you pay for.
Pay peanuts & get monkeys. That's why most of my S$10 dresses from Bugis village shrink in the wash.

4) The price is unbelievably cheap so there's bound to be some hidden costs somewhere.

5) Should I decide to get a refund, it's gonna be a pain in my ass requesting for one.
And I won't want to go through such agony.

So why put yourself to such misery just to save some money? Might as well source for a better deal and not be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

I'm sure that they would want to handle the above issue well and not risk damaging their reputation.
Well, if you happen to be one of the victims of this unfortunate incident, I hope that you do get your money back. And perhaps practise more caution when it comes to purchasing such deals online.

However, I'm sure there are some other deals you can consider on
Just make sure that you read through the T&Cs properly.
Printscreen the page for easy reference in future too.

On a separate note, I noticed some Bella Luna deals on there.
And let me just stress on why you should not even think of purchasing that deal.
If you have not read their big hoo-ha with me then you better do so.

Click for My Bella Luna Spa Experience
Click for my unpleasant experience with their Marketing Manager
Click to read how low can they get after my initial saga with them

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