Friday, 21 January 2011

Wise words by Paula Begoun

When I turned beauty addict in 2007 and couldn't stop browsing beauty sites like
I happened to chance upon the Beauty Commandments by her and posted it on one of my private beauty blogs.
And I was browsing through my old blogs today ... Oh, this piece of advice is sucha a gem.
Hence, I've decided to share it with all of you!

  1. THOU SHALT NOT believe expensive cosmetics are better than inexpensive cosmetics. Women who spend more money on cosmetics do not necessarily have better skin than those who don't. Many expensive lines own the inexpensive lines, ingredient quality doesn’t differ between inexpensive and expensive lines, and cosmetics chemists are not chained to one company.
  2. THOU SHALT NOT believe there is any such thing as a “natural” cosmetic (or that natural means better).
  3. THOU SHALT NOT believe in miracle ingredients that can cure skin-care woes.
  4. THOU SHALT NOT covet thy neighbor’s perfect skin (or believe her perfect skin came from a particular product or cosmetics line; skin is more complicated than that).
  5. THOU SHALT NOT believe everything a cosmetics salesperson says. Read the ingredient list, try the product on, and be willing to return what doesn’t work or fails to live up to the claim on the label, while also being very, very skeptical.
  6. THOU SHALT NOT use the tiny applicators that come packaged with eyeshadows and blushes. Professional makeup artists never use these so why should you?
  7. THOU SHALT NOT believe in the existence of any anti-wrinkle, firming, toning, lifting, or filling-in creams, lotions, or masks that can permanently erase wrinkles. (I wish it were so, but nothing on the horizon other than surgery can do that.
  8. THOU SHALT NOT be seduced by every new promotion, new product, or new product line that the cosmetics industry creates.
  9. THOU SHALT NOT get a tan. Sun exposure (even minimal amounts) is the primary reason that skin wrinkles and develops skin cancer.
  10. THOU SHALT NOT buy a cellulite cream, nor shalt thou assume it's possible to dissolve fat from the outside in, because you absolutely cannot.
  11. THOU SHALT NOT see pictures of pubescent, anorexic models (who spend two hours getting their hair and makeup done and another two hours posing while the photographer and a corps of assistants determine the most flattering lighting, after which the resulting picture goes through a battery of digitally enhanced touch-ups and adjustments) and believe you will get the same (or even similar) results from using the products being advertised.
  12. THOU SHALT NOT buy products from an infomercial or a home shopping network, especially when the praise goes on and on with no opposing information. You are receiving an extremely one-sided point of view.
  13. THOU SHALT NOT believe words and phrases such as “hypoallergenic”, “noncomedogenic”, “for sensitive skin”, “dermatologist tested”, “exclusive formula”, “increases moisture content” (by some astronomical percentage), or any other gross, unsupported generalization about a product.
  14. THOU SHALT NOT buy cosmetic hormone creams assuming you can replace dietary sources of plant hormone or medically prescribed hormone therapy.
  15. The ultimate commandment is: THOU SHALT be an informed consumer, because what you don't know can cost you dearly in terms of your skin, appearance, and money.

Source : The Beauty Bible, 2nd Edition by Paula Begoun

I'm kind of guilty of 3,4,8 and 11. How 'bout you?

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