Tuesday, 18 January 2011

[REVIEW] Lava Stones Detox and Relaxing Massage at One Beauty Spa

Thanks to Sample Store One Beauty Spa , I was treated to a lovely Hot Lava Stone Massage at the One Beauty Spa premises down at Liang Seah Street.

A little introduction on One Beauty Spa:

"One Beauty Spa was started with a passion of providing premier yet affordable luxury spa services.
We strive to leave a beautiful and lasting experience for our customers. Each will be treated accordingly to the individual’s unique need for overall well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation. Our mission is to combine our experience with the most advanced products, training and technologies in skin care to provide our customers with a lasting, positive glow on their mental and physical being. We specialise in all skin conditions and problems."

Located conveniently near Bugis MRT, it was a short walk from Bugis Junction down to 14 Liang Seah Street where this little spa hideout is at. Upon arrival, I was greeted by their friendly staff and given some hot Jasmine tea to relax with before my massage.

One Beauty Spa has a simplistic & pleasant decor that gives me a soothing & welcoming feel as I stepped into it.
They also had this wonderful aromatherapy scent that soothes and calms one down.

My choice of pampering treat was the Lava Stones Detox and Relaxing Massage:

"Lava Stone Detox and Relaxing Massage (45mins) 
Feel tension and tightness melt away as skilful hands relieve you of your muscular aches and pains. Real Lava stones from the most active volcano near Italy, are also used to aid detoxification and to absorb the body’s negative energy resulting in improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage."

The consultation room and counter are located downstairs while there is 2 levels of treatment rooms above.
Before I proceeded up the stairs, I got to change into slippers which were relatively brand new.
However, I would still prefer disposable slippers like the ones hotels provide.
But still, no issues with this as the ones I got were pretty new & most importantly, clean.

Next, I was brought to my treatment room which was a little small, however, it did not bother me much as I am not claustrophobic. However, one drawback of their rooms was that some shared the air-conditioning facility as another room, hence, there was an opening near the ceiling. And I happened to be allocated to one such treatment room, this meant that I could hear what was going on in the other room. And unfortunately for me, it was occupied with a rather chatty customer & therapist.

However, the relaxing music and dimly-lit room soon managed to distract me off their conversation. And as the masseur worked her magic on me, I was almost off to la-la land. Just when I was about to fall into deep slumber, I was told the massage was completed. Awww...so sad that my indulging treat has come to an end. My masseur was a very polite and considerate lady who constantly asked if the strength used was just right for me or if the lava stones were too hot.

What I thought of it?

Environment: 4/5 Place looks spacious, clean and welcoming.
Facilities: 3/5 Not bad, however, the chattering from the next room was disturbing. This is due to the hole in the wall caused by the shared air-conditioning unit.
Treatment: 3.5/5 - Therapist was not bad, she talked only when required so that I could relax. Her massage was firm.
Value for money: 5/5

Overall Rating:

I learnt that there was a difference between hot stone massages & lava stone massages.
To me, stones are stones and these 2 different types of stones do look alike. However, the lava stone used at One Beauty Spa are specially imported from the volcanic regions of Italy and they have minerals embedded within that are helpful in detoxifying the body and improving one's blood circulation. However, results would only be more obvious if one were to experience this massage over the long run.

Usual price for this treatment is S$128.00. However, if you're keen to try it out, first trial for this treatment is now available at SPECIAL PRICE of S$28.80, with optional S$8.80 each for any of the following items:  Organic Essential Oils, Detox Back Scrub, Hand Paraffin, Foot Paraffin!

One Beauty Spa also offers a full range of pampering services using the latest and the most advanced equipment, targeted at showing results and providing a personal and lasting experience.

Radiance and Glow: RF Face Lift, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Wide range of maintenance and therapeutics
Facials, Eye / Neck / Back Treatments.
Slimming, Cellulite Treatments, Firming and Toning: Radio Frequency Slimming, Cellulite Treatment and
Toning for Body, Bust Lifting and Firming.
Body Rejuvenation: Body Scrubs / Polish, Body Massages, Lava Stone Body Treatment, Hand / Foot
Reflexology, Body Wraps, Parafango.
Complete Beauty: Paraffin, Manicure & Pedicure, Waxing, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction.

For their full menu, please visit: One Beauty Spa


Jiayi said...

Hi Babe,
May i know for this trial is it for a period or? & How do i make an appointment? Sound really interesting & relaxing :p

Miss C said...

I'm not sure how long will the trial promo be on for but you can contact them at their respective branches to book an appointment? :)


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