Sunday, 2 January 2011

[REIVEW] Facial at Allure Beauty with Atache Products

A couple of weeks back this Dec, I was invited for a facial trial by Allure Beauty at their Tiong Bahru branch.

It's located on the 5th floor of Tiong Bahru Plaza, which is just a stone's throw away from the MRT Station.
Hence, making it really convenient for me since both my home & office are only a few stops away.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly faces and given a nice cup of hot tea.
Their beauty consultant was professional in her analysis, she could tell that I had combination skin with just one look.
A more detailed analysis of my skin was ....

That I had young but combination skin - T-zone more prone to oiliness and uneven skintone.
 So my prescribed treatment was the C VITAL using Atache products.

Just a brief introduction on the Atache brand...

ATACHE Skin Care Brand is based in Alicante, Spain. It has been developed by the pharmaceutical group ASAC PHARMA. The group has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical field, with a strategic focus on Dermatology and allergies.

Its main forte lies in the research and investigation of active ingredients originating from European and American medicinal plants. A truly professional skincare line with advanced skin care solutions!

In fact, ASAC owns cultivation fields in Central America, which allows for a tight control on quality plants, from seeding, harvesting, processing of extracts, and manufacturing the finished product. They do not experiment with animals, and strive to preserve the environment throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. The product lines are made for specific skin care needs.

And before we move on, here's alittle information on the Vital C treatment. As most of us should know, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient not just for the body but is also good for the face.
It helps brightens up the complexion while keeping skin smooth, soft and youthful-looking.

This Vital C range was created to fight oxidation of skin. Sounds good, eh?
Yes, I was real excited about the facial treatment and furthermore, my wedding was just 3 days away.
After learning that ATACHE Laboratories were the pioneers in the use of Vitamin C in Europe, I was reassured that they would help me attain a beautiful glow with today's Vital C treatment.

This is the Atache C VITAL kit, everything is individually-wrapped for hygiene purposes.

The highlight of the range's active ingredient would be the Pure Vitamic C, “ASCORBIC ACID”.
This is the most powerful antioxidant and essential for the production of collagen tissue, Lipoic acid, a universal antioxidant, which banishes free radicals from any part of the cell helps to repair the skin, Vitamin E, antioxidant that increases the micro-circulation of the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and Glycolic acid which is essential for cell renewal function.

So I was ushered into the treatment room and after getting myself comfortable on the treatment bed.
My beauty therapist begin the treatment and at the same time explaining each step as she proceeded on.
This treatment is approximately 1 hour 30minutes long and I was looking forward to relax while she worked her magic on my face.

The first few steps are similar as to any other type of facial. 
The therapist cleansed my face and removed all makeup I had on.
After that, it was the exfoliating where she used an ATACHE scrub.

Next, my skin was steamed to open up the pores and prepare for extractions.
As I had an appointment after this, my therapist was careful with the extractions and ensured no angry red marks where left on my skin.
Then she proceeded to trim and shape my brows, this is a bonus service by Allure Beauty & I love the thoughtfulness of it.
After the extractions & eyebrow grooming, the therapist used a cold ball with serum to soothe the skin and minimize the pores.

Next,  the therapist applies a C VITAL serum mixed with C VITAL fluid; which is derived from the crushed tablet and mixed with the C VITAL lotion. Interesting, isn't it?
Together with the above combination, I got to indulge in a 10 minute long pampering facial massage.
The massage relaxes the skin while preparing it for the penetration of the nutrients from the C VITAL mask.

This would be the last step where a C VITAL mask is applied and left on for around 20 minutes. At the same time, I was treated to a shoulder and hand massage.
After 20 minutes, my facial mask is removed and my face is cleansed as my therapist gently massages my skin to ensure that all of the essence is being absorbed.
And before I leave, she applies the ATACHE Protective Cream 25 sunscreen.

It was an indulgence and the C VITAL treatment left my complexion looking brighter and glowing.
Going to a new facial place just days before my big day was a gamble I took but one I did not regret as Allure Beauty did not fail to deliver what they had promised.

Environment: 4/5 Place looks clean and well-maintained.
Facilities: 4/5 Despite a modest-setting room, I was not disturbed by noise from the outside.
Treatment: 4/5 Therapist was attentive and answered my questions. I like the result of the facial.
Value for money: 3/5

Overall Rating: .75

ALLURE BEAUTY SALOON is located conveniently for your beauty fixes at:
Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A. Telephone: 6270 8845
City Vibe, #02-04A. Telephone: 6779 2242

For more information about Allure Beauty Saloon and their wide range of
services offered, please visit


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