Wednesday, 1 December 2010

[ADVERTORIAL] Kao Liese Iron Make Collection - Straight Or Curls? You're spoilt for choice!

Ever gotten sick of the number of styling products you needed to get just to do up a simple style?
Would you like to have more space on your dresser? Wished that there was a product that does everything?

Well, your prayers are answered with Liese (pronounced as "Lee-zay") Iron Make Collection.

Unlike other hair products that only provide protection from the heat emitting from your styling tools.
Now, you can achieve salon-effect styles with just ONE product that not only protects your hair but also styles at the same time. Amazing, isn't it?

Armed with this unique technology; Liese Iron Make Collection is different from the rest of the other heat protective products.
Liese Iron Make Collection contains Heat Activated Polymer, which reacts efficiently to the heat of the iron, spreading and stretching on the entire hair. Once it turns solid, it keeps a firm hold on the hair and maintains the style to last the entire day.

If you want sleek & straight hair, try Liese Iron Make Collection: Rich Straight.

Achieve soft, straight, natural rebonded hair with this spray & a straightening iron.
It's real simple and takes less than 10 minutes to achieve, which I think is great for those that are always in a rush. Furthermore, the look achieved is natural-looking and without any stiffness at all.

Rich Straight Mini Tutorial

Step1: Spray 15cm away from hair all over and leave it on for awhile to let it set in.
Please use this on damp hair.

Step 2: You can use your straightening iron immediately like me.

You may part your hair into sections or if you have layered hair that has been thinned like mine. 
Then that won't be necessary.

And the finished look? 

Naturally straight hair that is frizz-free and neat-looking.

If you are in the mood for a more feminine, romantic look then opt for the 
Liese Iron Make Collection: Rich Curl

Get sexy, bouncy curls that stay on all day. Do note that this can be used on dry hair.
This look is easily achieved within 10-15 minutes and you save $$$ DIY-ing it at the comforts of your own home. It'll be great for work, D&Ds or prom and even a date with your boyfriend. ;)

Rich Curl Mini Tutorial

Step 1: Hold bottle 15cm away from hair and spray around areas which you wish to curl.
Liese recommends 6-8 pumps on the parts. Leave it on for awhile to set in.

Step 2: Start curling away with your tong.

The end result?

Soft, bouncy natural-looking curls / waves that will last you for the entire day.
Of course if you already have slight wavy hair or permed hair, this will be able to freshen up limpy curls!

Best of it all, after using the iron make collection, there is no need to reapply any other styling products like foam or wax to hold the hairstyle (both rich curl & rich straight products)! Perfect for busy ladies like us who wants more fuss free styling process! 

Do check out Liese at their Facebook Page by clicking HERE more upcoming deals for Fans only!
Liese Iron Make Collection is exclusively sold at Watsons stores only.

Do also check out the rest of Liese's full range of Liese has a full range of colour, treatment & styling products!


Anonymous said...

what curling iron do you recommend? what curling iron are you using? is it good and what is the price of it? where did you get it?

sorry for all the questions >_<

Anonymous said...

what curler do you use? :)

Miss C said...

Hi, I'm using Philip's SalonCurl Essential. It's not bad & quite cheap I think. Probably below $30, I got it from Watsons. However, I find the rod circumference alittle too thin so I cant achieve big curls. I suggest using a straightening iron to make waves if you wanna save on $$$ ;)

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