Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Spa-Lon Presents the latest breakthrough in beauty: ATP38

The Spa-Lon is a beauty & wellness spa sanctuary that caters to your every need; from your face to your feet and hands. It even provides yoga lessons as part of its services. 

For this media launch, they flew Dr Francois Michel over from France to introduce this wonderful, new breakthrough technology to us.

This new machine; the ATP38 combines several cutting-edge technologies into 1 function:
Biophotonic body modulation
Biophotonic chest modulation
Biophotonic hair modulation
Photo rejuvenation
Energry points (diodes)
Radio frequency
Vacuum Massage
Micro-crystal peeling

One single machine for treating the face, body and the hair all at the same time.

LED Photomodulation: This is the use of biological properties of colour that is projected by a light-emitting diode.

Unlike other light treatments, LED Photomodulation is non-invasive, has no down time and shows visible result within the first treatment. It helps in reducing wrinkles, pigmentations, acne and acne scars, cellulite, saggy skin, double chin.. just to mention a few.
If you're keen, hop over to THIS PAGE to view photos of patients who have undergone this treatment and be amazed by the results!

For more information on the ATP38 technology and available treatments, do contact your nearest Spa-Lon outlet :) 

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