Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Easy A Movie Preview

Thanks to Janet, I got movie passes to watch Easy A with kaki yesterday. 
What a lovely treat to cheer us up on an otherwise moody monday... 
 We were late and since it was free seating...we only managed to get seats in the front row.
Nevertheless, the movie managed to distract us from the discomfort we experienced from hunching and craning our necks upwards.

Emma Stone stars as the decent high school girl whose little lie about losing her virginity gets spurn out of control into a web of knotty situations. This is made worst after she starts helping the misfits in her high school to lie in exchange for money. 
Easy A is a comedy with punch lines that are genuinely hilarious and bound to make the mouth & tummy muscles work harder.
 It managed to pull a great rating of 7.1/10 tomatoes on rottentomatoes.com too!

Do catch it when it opens officially in cinemas islandwide on 25th November 2010 :)


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