Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Black bristle toothbrush

I saw this in Watsons and was wowed over by it's description. Plus, add on that there were only 3-4 pieces left on the shelf. Yes, I'm an easy target consumer which most marketers love.

Where to buy? Watsons
How much? S$5.95

"The Dental Pro Black toothbrush uses ultra-fine black polyester bristles to reach plaque that might be hiding in periodontal pockets, a place that normal toothbrushes typically cannot reach as well. As a result, the Dental Pro has been shown to remove over 15% more plaque than a regular toothbrush."

Taken from their main website:

It has black special bristle for brush part (containing Platinum Colloid Ceramics)
Effective dental plaque removal only with water.
The amount of dental plaque removal increases by about 15% comparing with the toothbrush of normal nylon bristle! (from Jacks's test result)

Amazing! Brushing without toothpaste? I might just try that the next time round.
Anyway, will be updating this post with my review after a week :) Do check back if you're interested!

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