Tuesday, 30 November 2010

[CONTEST] Aesthetics and Beauty Guide Magazine's Draw!

The Launch of the Aesthetics and Beauty Guide Magazine! Singapore's first magazine dedicated to Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Beauty is now out! Take part in the Highest Fan Referrals Draw and Win a year's subscription of the magazine!


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Kinohimitsu Health Drinks

I received a lovely parcel from Confirm Trading today and it felt like as though Christmas came early this year.
Grinning like a delighted little girl whose Christmas stocking was stuffed to the brim, I excitedly opened up the parcel to reveal goodies full of wholesome natural goodness.

Check out these Kinohimitsu drinks which I've gotten from wonderful Confirm Trading!
Even Mr Greedy can't seem to resist them.

What is Kinohimitus?
Read on to find out more ;)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

[XMAS GIVEAWAY #1] Scan a QR Code, Help someone & Win!

Wanna win a Hip Color Chrome Eyeliner in Violet Volt by L'oreal & help someone too?

Simple, just do the following:

2) Follow my blog via Google or Networked Blogs, please check out the boxes on the side bar to your left.
3) Scan the QR Code below with your smartphone & leave a comment here indicating that you've done so along with your email add!
I'm helping out my friend with her social media research paper.
Do kindly help her out by scanning the QR code above...

Can't scan? Well, you will require a QR scanner app on your smartphone. 
Just google for 'QR Reader' and the model of your mobile to find a scanner app to install.
Applicable for iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and other app-based phones with a built-in camera!

A random winner will be picked on 5th Dec 2010

For my review on the L'oreal HiP Color range, please CLICK HERE

This is a mini giveaway, in the spirit of giving as Christmas is approaching, I'll be holding a few more giveaways during the Monday of each week till Xmas.

Thanks for your help :)
*** Jerlyn, noted your entry. Do note I won't be publishing comments to avoid spammers getting your email add***

Friday, 26 November 2010

[REVIEW] Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Range

The Sample Store is Love, thanks to them & Eucerin, I got to sample out their latest offering:
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Range

This sponsored set consists of the cleanser, scrub & moisturizer.
What's so special about Eucerin DermoPURIFYER?

Firstly, it contains natural ingredient; Lactic Acid that is more gentle to the skin as compared to Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Oxide. It is able to reach deep into the pores where the acne originates and targets specifically the affected areas without drying out the rest of the skin. So one won't have to deal with redness, dryness or flaking skin in this case.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Christmas Giveback by SgFreeBee

Got this note from SG FREEBEE

We are currently working on a project (Christmas Giveback) with Cause.ad
(http://causead.sg) that we'll be launching TONIGHT at 8p.m.
for every 'like' on the ad!

This campaign will only be running for 100 hours,
would like to invite you to join us by spreading to the masses.

It's simply for good cause! Join us!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

[RESULTS] Winners for the Banana Boat Goodie Pack

Thank you for your participation.

 The winners of the Banana Boat Goodie Pack are as follows:

Happy Mi
June Yang
Life Little Tales

Ladies, please kindly drop me an email with your

Thank you & watch out for my next mini giveaway happening soon :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

[REVIEW] Rojukiss Stem Cell Whitening

Rojukiss is a brand which I'm still new to but have read alot of positive reviews on their products such as the pore tightening range. So it was indeed exciting when I was approached to try out this Stem Cell Whitening range. Just a brief introduction about this range; it consists of the cleanser, serum, day cream (SPF 40+++) , sunblock (SPF 50+++) & night cream. 

Rojukiss Stem Cell Whitening products boasts of the following 3 innovative technologies:

1) Stem white cells - Revives deep-dull and damage cell to accelerate new cell regeneration for whiter, brighter, steady, fading red-dark spot from acne and sun freckles 
2) Pink Blushing White GrowthIncreases every cell’s energy circulation for blushing skin effect
3) Mela-less Skin BlockerBlock the UV damaging signal from sun and the others to retain white skin

Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Spa-Lon Presents the latest breakthrough in beauty: ATP38

The Spa-Lon is a beauty & wellness spa sanctuary that caters to your every need; from your face to your feet and hands. It even provides yoga lessons as part of its services. 

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I'm a brand ambassador for Freshlook Illuminate

Yup, I'm one of the 365 ladies that will be representing Freshlook Illuminate as brand ambassadors.
I was invited to have a mini makeover and photo-shoot session with them at the Plaza Singapura Atrium last Sunday.

Like most of the ladies out there, I wear iris-enhancer contact lenses because they open up the eyes and make them look bigger. That's my eyes below with the Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses.

Most will know that I am a fan of really big, dolly pretty eyes and such contact lenses help to achieve this look. The Japanese, Taiwanese babes &  even Lady Gaga use such lenses to get eyes looking all big and anime-looking.

Freshlook Illuminate lenses are iris-enhancer dailies so they are more hygienic and hassle-free.
Just wear them and dispose at the end of the day :) The change was noticeable because my guy was like "Woah, how come your iris are bigger? I wanna try these lenses too" :P LMAO!
I'll be looking forward to my photo and hope that I do not appear fat in there.
I know I'm rather phototragic but I really do hope for a decent-looking shot.
The makeup artist told me that I had good skin, that really made my day too!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

[CONTEST] Banana Boat's got you covered, baby ;)

Banana boat is a brand well-known for sun care, if you have not heard or seen this brand in stores then where have you been!?
I remember getting their spray-on sunscreen for trips to the sunny beaches of Thailand.
Yes, Banana Boat has served me well so far.

Singapore has summer all year round and thus, sun care is really important as it helps prevents
pre-matured aging (photo-aging),
prevents the growth of pigmentations
and also skin cancer!

Well-suited for our humid climate with their newly formulated sunscreens, guess you'll be glad to know that Banana Boat sunscreens are now lighter in texture and more comfortable for daily use. 

All of Banana Boat sunscreens are 
-water resistant
-fragrance free
-protects against UVA & UVB

Thanks to Banana Boat & the Sample Store , I was given this lovely goodie pack to try out for myself.
You can WIN one for yourself too, just read on for more info ;)

Monday, 15 November 2010

You voted & I've won :) Thank you!

Remember my blog post on the Liese 100 bloggers challenge where I'd appealed for votes??
CLICK HERE to recap your memory.
CLICK HERE to read about my positive experience with the Liese products.

Well, guess what? The results are out today and I'm in top 20! Woohoo! I'm #5!
Thank you for all your votes. *MUAHS*
I hope that my voters do get lucky and be one of the 10 to win a Liese product.

Do also keep your eyes peeled wide open because there will be a giveaway post up tomorrow!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

L'oreal Sales @ Expo!

Things just get better as we approach the festive season... You could have stocked up during the Robinsons sale that is going to end this coming Sunday. But here comes another BIG SALE that's gonna empty your pockets again.... However, this is a really good time to stock up on all your skincare & makeup necessities for 2011 :)

L'Oreal Sales
15 November 2010 - 17 November 2010

Event type : Retailer & Sales
Venue : Foyer 2 Level 2
Admission : Public - Free Admission
Event Schedules : Time: 10am to 8pm

Show Profile :
L'Oreal Christmas Beauty Sale, Discounts of up to 80% on skincare, cosmetics and hair products

Friday, 12 November 2010

[CONTEST] Wanna win a Dr Jart+ BB Cream Special Set?

Hi readers, just thought that I shared this with you all :)
If you wanna WIN a Dr Jart+ BB Cream Special Set which consists of:

Premium Blemish Base 15ml x 1
Detox Healing BB 15ml x 1
Rejuvenating BB 15ml x 1
Super Aqua BB 15ml x 1

 Just simply copy & paste the below link
" http://www.a-beauty-affair.com/2010/11/rojukiss-dr-jart-loot-here.html "

in the comments section of THIS PAGE (PLS CLICK HERE)
and share why you like my blog post.

You may just be that lucky winner of a Dr Jart+ BB Cream Special Set!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

7 Reasons Why Your Skin Wrinkles

Just sharing another article by The Cosmetic Cops, I've subscribed to their newsletter. If you have not, please do so because they have such informative articles all the time.
Credits to The Cosmetic Cops & Paula Begoun.

How Skin Ages and Wrinkles
We know it’s frustrating: You look in the mirror and see the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles. They’re around your eyes, your mouth, even your forehead—and they’re starting to set in. Depending on how much sun exposure you’ve had and how diligently you’ve protected your skin from sun damage, wrinkles can start showing up as early as your mid-twenties. Regardless of age, the concern and anxiety you have about your wrinkles can result in lots of money wasted as you try to stop them from getting worse.
  • Fact: Anti-wrinkle products that can’t live up to their claims are a waste of your money and will do nothing but cause you disappointment.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Easy A Movie Preview

Thanks to Janet, I got movie passes to watch Easy A with kaki yesterday. 
What a lovely treat to cheer us up on an otherwise moody monday... 
 We were late and since it was free seating...we only managed to get seats in the front row.
Nevertheless, the movie managed to distract us from the discomfort we experienced from hunching and craning our necks upwards.

Emma Stone stars as the decent high school girl whose little lie about losing her virginity gets spurn out of control into a web of knotty situations. This is made worst after she starts helping the misfits in her high school to lie in exchange for money. 
Easy A is a comedy with punch lines that are genuinely hilarious and bound to make the mouth & tummy muscles work harder.
 It managed to pull a great rating of 7.1/10 tomatoes on rottentomatoes.com too!

Do catch it when it opens officially in cinemas islandwide on 25th November 2010 :)


Monday, 8 November 2010

L'oreal, ZA, Maybelline going at 20% off + 20% off @ Expo

I was there on sunday but the queue was horrendous. So do bring a friend along, get one person to queue and the other to grab all the goodies you need. I guess in this case, it'll definitely help if you have a shopping list prepared :)

L'oreal, ZA, Maybelline going at 20% off + 20% off. Really good deal, no Youth Code but I saw the Derma Genesis range. The usual great stuff from ZA & Maybelline such as makeup and skincare products were also on sale. 
Oh, I saw Lioele items on sale too.

Robinsons Expo 2010
04 November 2010 - 14 November 2010

Venue : Hall 5
Admission : Public - Free Admission
Time: 10.30am – 10pm

Massive discounts of up to 70% off a wide selection of brands such as Esprit, Adidas, World of Sport, Giordano, BCBGMAXAZRIA, French Connection, Steve Madden, OSIM, Electrolux, Triumph, Nine West, G2000, Little Tikes, Mizuno, Meyer & many more!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vote for me & win a Liese hair product!

Please CLICK HERE and vote for me!
You can vote ONCE A DAY!
Please help if you can :)

Please CLICK HERE and vote for me!

10 lucky voters will be selected randomly and be awarded 1 Liese product!

Friday, 5 November 2010

[Review + Tutorial] Pamper & glam up your hair with Liese ♥

Liese, pronounced as "Lee-zay" (if you didn't have a clue) consists of a range of hair products that include hair color, styling and leave-on treatments which are popular among teen girls and working ladies of today.
Remember the bubble hair dye they had? Yeah, check out my previous review over HERE

So that's me without any hair products on at all...
My hair's all messy like a lion's mane :(

Thanks to Liese & the Sample Store, I got to try out the following products for myself:

Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist x 1
Liese clear cube wax - 01 straight x 1

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Black bristle toothbrush

I saw this in Watsons and was wowed over by it's description. Plus, add on that there were only 3-4 pieces left on the shelf. Yes, I'm an easy target consumer which most marketers love.

Where to buy? Watsons
How much? S$5.95

"The Dental Pro Black toothbrush uses ultra-fine black polyester bristles to reach plaque that might be hiding in periodontal pockets, a place that normal toothbrushes typically cannot reach as well. As a result, the Dental Pro has been shown to remove over 15% more plaque than a regular toothbrush."

Taken from their main website: http://jack.co.jp

It has black special bristle for brush part (containing Platinum Colloid Ceramics)
Effective dental plaque removal only with water.
The amount of dental plaque removal increases by about 15% comparing with the toothbrush of normal nylon bristle! (from Jacks's test result)

Amazing! Brushing without toothpaste? I might just try that the next time round.
Anyway, will be updating this post with my review after a week :) Do check back if you're interested!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rojukiss & Dr Jart+ Loot here :)

Confirm Trading has sent me a sample package of mainly Rojukiss samples and a Dr Jart+ product to try out. They were so sweet to also throw in 2 Baby Skin masks...

The sample pack includes the following products which I will be trying over a span of 2 months before reviewing it on my blog :) Real excited about this as I'm very new to Rojukiss & Dr Jact!

Rojukiss Whitening Range :
Stim Cell Natural Serum For Light Tone : To be applied on normal areas
Stim Cell Natural Serum For Dark Tone : To apply on brown spots, pigmentation
Stim Cell Natural Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++ : To apply on face and neck

Rojukiss Anti Aging Range :
Protox Serum For Anti-Aging : For face and around eyes
Protox Serum Day Cream
Protox Serum Night Cream
Protox Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA +++

Dr Jart+:
Premium Blemish Base 15ml worth $25 SGD

Find them at their Confirm Trading Facebook Page :)

And not to forget John Little is having a sale, I saw their Kinohimitsu J'pan Bust Up drinks going for 10 bottles at S$39.90 only! (U.P S$66.50)

Monday, 1 November 2010

John Little 20% off storewide now on :)

Those who wanna grab some ZA, L'oreal, SANA, Sally Hansens, Silkygirl, VOV etc 
Do check out the sale :) 20% off is pretty worth it... 
Urgh, I'd just stocked up on my silkygirl eyeliners previously only :(
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