Sunday, 17 October 2010

Presenting L'oreal Perfect Clean & Youth Code

I'm real excited to share about these 2 new range of products from L'oreal Paris. 

It's really great to have L'oreal launching so many new products in this short span of time. I was delighted when they invited me over for a lovely preview with the other beauty bloggers & their guests to try out and experience these products for myself.

We had a delicious 4-course meal during the session and my guest was dear June and interestingly, it was a part-time job stint at L'oreal that brought us together. My first skincare range was by L'oreal Hydrafresh; which I had bought from her to support her during one of their roadshows. 

We were the Glam Shine Sorbet Girls! And gosh, I look so pale then...

Can you believe that 6 years ago as in that photo, I could do without any sunblock, toner or moisturizer and still had skin that looked pretty good... But not now. 
Sigh, it this the loss of youth? Well, L'oreal has come up with an innovative gene technology to combat that. I'll get to that soon...

Just to share, we had yummy food glorious food!
Check out the droolicious photos below:

And finally, let's get down to details for the latest cleansers by L'oreal.
We're first in Asia to have these on our shelves.
Presenting the L'Oréal Paris New Perfect Clean range!
Retailing for S$14.90 each at all major departmental & Watsons stores.

Get ready to fall in love with a new facial cleansing ritual that combines pleasure and pure effectiveness! L'Oréal Paris introduces the New Perfect Clean range; it comes with 4 customized formulas to suit all skin types and a Scrublet™, with 500 soft flexible bristles to gently but effectively cleanse your skin pore by pore!
And it's so easy to use!
Step 1: Pop out the Scrublet ™and hold it between the fingers

Step 2: Squeeze a dollop of the formula onto the brush
Step 3: Start cleansing your skin!

There are a total of 3 different types + 1 exfoliating scrub so that you can pick one that's suitable for your skin type. 

For Blemish Prone Skin

This one is a foaming gel wash that comes with salicylic acid, it's a clear gel type that foams as you massage and smells really soothing.

For Dry/Sensitive Skin

A creamy wash for those with plagued with dehydrated skin. It has a creamy texture unlike the others which are in gel form. This is more gentle on the skin and very much suited for those who have sensitive skin.

For Normal to Combination Skin

This one has a great perk-me-up scent as the name suggests. Great for days when you feel lethargic and dead beat. It does not dry out skin after cleansing and its scent keeps you feeling refreshed.

For All Skin Types

I'm loving the citrus scent on this one. The granules are so tiny, you do not even really feel it. This makes it gentle enough to be used on the face. Scrubs that contain exfoliating bits which are too big or rough are too harsh and cause damage to our skin.

This range comes with an innovative scrub, which L'oreal has affectionately named as the scrublet.
A soft, flexible brush made of silicon is to be used with the cleansing gel for greater results.

Just remove the seal and pop out the scrub as shown below:

It is comes designed in a way where you can stick it on any smooth surface for easy storage.
You could then leave on your bathroom mirror or glass partition to let it dry.
How thoughtful of L'oreal to come up with this neat design!

So how to use it? Simple.
1) Wet scrublet first
2)  Pour amount of cleanser you need on the scrublet. I think a 10cent amount would do fine.
3) Start massaging it in circular motions on your face to cleanse. Be gentle to your skin and do to tug excessively.

So earlier on, I mentioned that I was upset that as I aged, my skin is showing signs of more 'wear & tear' too.
Well, thanks to L'oreal, we now have the Youth Code to combat it!

L'oreal has teamed up with the St-Louis Hospital Skin Research Institute to understand the dynamics of skin recovery in terms of genes involved with repair. They ran some tests and discovered that there were 184 repair genes identified. The Pro-Gen technology was born and the Youth Code range contains this revolutionary new science. These repair genes are responsible for reconstructing our skin and renewing it. 

Youth Code, specially designed for women who lead hectic lifestyles, aims to repair & renew the skin within less than the required time. Pro-Gen technology is the magic that makes this happen. So say good bye to tired and awful-looking skin!

This age-defying range is made up of the serum, eye cream and the hot favorite- day cream. 
I got to try them on the back of my hand and though the serum is rather creamy in texture, it is also very quickly absorbed by the skin.

The day cream has a lighter creamy texture which is also fast to absorb and leaves skin feeling moisturized. 
I simply can't wait to try it on my face.
Do note that this range is currently available in certain departmental & Watsons stores but the official launch will be on 1st November.

L'oreal was also really sweet to give us their Elseve hair care range! I hope this one which is targeted at colored hair will not be too rich and nourishing till it causes dandruff for me.

And not forgetting the generous goodie packs from them in really gorgeous black paper bags!


Pssst....  Youth Code can be found at Watson stores now. Do check them out!


Musicplayson said...

Looks so good! I wish I had gone down. Haha. Would definitely check those products out! And you look amazing la! :)

Miss C said...

You did'nt go cuz of your exams ah?

Musicplayson said...

Ya lo. I'm stuck at home until my exams are over! Hehe.

Miss C said...

Aiyo, okok, all the best babe :)

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