Thursday, 21 October 2010

KOTEX LUXE* Ultrathin Design pads chase my blues away

23cm pad length * Ultrathin Wings

Never thought I would be blogging about this but yeah, it actually worked.
My first impression of the pads were "pretty but impractical & real clever marketing gimmick."
However, today, Kotex proved me wrong.

I'm having my menstruation now & am unusually grouchy all thanks to the fluctuating hormones.
But one of the consolations I had was getting to wear a pretty pad.
Yes, I couldn't even believe myself and that I'm blogging about this now.

But being able to wear a pretty pad really did make me feel better.
It's like how wearing a pretty dress when you're down kind of cheers you up.
So it did help in a way and I'm thankful for that.

Not only are the pads pretty, they are also ultra thin (as the name suggests).
Besides, the soft cotton surface does not irritate my skin at all.
I dug through the goodie bag I had gotten from their WOW Launch Party for the $2 off discount coupons and off to Watsons I went.

That's S$4.40 per pack after discount and isn't that really cheap?
In fact, S$6.40 for a pack of 20 is rather cheap to me already. So maybe you can check out for a pack while you're out shopping? Perhaps a pretty pad could cheer you up too :)


Musicplayson said...

"pretty pad"! Haha! I lol at that. Cute name you gave it. You did influence me that the pretty pads will maybe make grouchy periods feel better. Maybe I should try it the next time.

Miss C said...

LOL yes dear, you can try it and see if it works for you :P

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