Monday, 25 October 2010

[REVIEW] Korean beauty brands from Gleaming Skin Online [Contains Tony Moly Product Reviews]

What's hot in Singapore now? Everything Korean.... From Kpop groups that drives ladies of all ages crazy to Korean melodramas that keep one glued to the screen for hours to Korean skincare & cosmetic brands that receive squeals of delight from the beauty junkies.

Gleaming Skin brings you the convenience of shopping for all the HOTTEST korean beauty brands under one website and they spoil you with their low, affordable prices. They operate on a pre-order basis so there's some downtime but the great savings are definitely worth the wait. There's Beauty Credit, Etude House, Tony Moly, Laneige and The Face Shop just to name a few.

What's more, they have monthly promotions on top of the big discounts they give. So what's there not to love about them? For example, currently, they are giving away a Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment now for purchases above SGD200!

Thanks to Gleaming Skin I got to try out 3 of the Tony Moly products they carry. As you can see from the above photo, there's the Backstage Self-Smokey Eye Collection #1 in Grace Smokey, Ice Cream Multi Play Cream & Eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. (left to right)

First off, let's start with the Eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. You should be familiar with it if you have read my entry on Tony Moly.

This is Gleaming Skin's featured product for October and it's going at a special price of S$18.00 now including normal postage. (Retail Price S$26.90) It's white egg extracts helps to clean and control waste management like - (Excessive sebum, keratin accumulated waste, white heads and black heads) which accumulate in the skin pores, it also helps in tightening enlarge skin pores and after use you will experience smooth & translucent skin.


Let's be honest, this is no miracle product so I didn't expect all of my blackheads to vanish after one usage. I did not limit the application of the gel to only the nose area but also my chin where I was susceptible to getting black heads over there too. After messaging the applied areas for 3-5 minutes, the gel turns whitish and it's time to rinse off. I like the scent of the gel, it made the whole process felt soothing in a way. There was also a warm sensation upon application. My blackheads did not come off entirely but it appeared loosened and I did not hesitate to squeeze them out immediately.

Rated: .5

Next, we have the Ice Cream Multi Play Cream which is SPF30 PA++. This is not only a sunscreen but a makeup base as well. I love these 2-in-one products that makes the whole skincare regime effortless and convenient. Down at Gleaming Skin, it's going at S$21.10 (Retail Price S$29.90) They have in-stocks available HERE

What is real interesting about this product is the texture, really never seen any makeup base or sunscreen like this before.

It looks and smells like WHIPPED CREAM! Yes, it's very sweetly-scented and I'm at times so tempted to just lick it out of its tub. The texture is really light and it gets absorbed by the skin immediately. I like how it does not leave a white cast on my skin too. In fact, I love it so much, I used it on my body as well. No wonder they call it the multi-play cream since it really has so many uses :)


Last but not least, is this wonderful yet another 2-in-1 product- Backstage Self-Smokey Eye Collection #1 in Grace Smokey. What a nifty, ingenious product this is, I thought to myself when I first received it.

Apart from its sleek, simple design, do not let this fool you into thinking that it's just a gel eyeliner.
Tip the mid-section lid open and you're in for a lovely surprise.

Isn't that a gorgeous duo shade palette? This kit is all you need for those gorgeous smoky eyes look and well, yes, some fake eyelashes too. The powder glides on easily and it's long lasting - I had it on for 6-7 hours without smudging at all.

Twist open the bottom jar and it's your gel liner so where's the brush? Well, it's at the top...

See, I told you that this was a real interesting product! I am still a novice when it comes to makeup so pardon my humble smoky eye look.

This was the end result I had managed to achieve using the Backstage Self-Smokey Eye Collection #1 in Grace Smokey which is retailing for S$32.50 at Gleaming Skin (R.P S$45.90) 
I love this product alot and I think it's a real bargain because it has 2 eyeshadow colors and a gel liner in it. Plus, that compact mini mirror attached in there for emergency situations; like if you need to check if there's anything on your face.


Do check out their shop now :)
 Click here for Gleaming Skin


indianmakeupways said...

hi great post, i would like to know whether the tony moly sunscreen is oily or not,, am planning to buy that but i have extremely oily skin, can you plz tell me whether its good or not...........thanks.

Miss C said...

Hi, its not oily and is in fact very light in texture... however, for oil control i can't advise as my skin isn't very oily. But its texture is definitely not oily at all :)

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