Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Subtle Senses on verge of closing down?

I have gotten my Subtle Senses voucher from the POCC facebook promotion.
POCC stands for Power Over Cervical Cancer.
Isn't it disgusting that Subtle Senses is participating in such charity events when their vouchers probably can't be utilized anytime soon.

Because it seems like they are in a dire financial situation and it would be no big surprise should they just fold up soon one day?

Check out the news articles below:

Subtle Senses closed at the weekend
by Esther Ng
05:55 AM Oct 18, 2010

SINGAPORE - First it closed its Ngee Ann City branch, five months after taking over True Spa's operations. Now Subtle Senses has closed its two remaining outlets - albeit, for the weekend.

Some customers, apparently, are waiting for today, to see if the closure is really just for two days.

A patron who was at the Cuppage Terrace outlet on Friday saw employees handing in their resignations.

"When I asked one of them, they said the parent company (HealthTrends Group) is taking over the management of Subtle Senses," she said, declining to be named.

Another customer who was at the Mosque Street outlet on Saturday found it "unusual" that the doors were locked at 10.05am, as the staff are usually there at 9.30am on weekends, she told MediaCorp.

Ms Susan Choi said: "A contract massage staff was also waiting outside and after several calls and half an hour later she told me and several customers that Subtle Senses closed on Friday night."

The contract staff told another customer she had yet to receive her pay.

MediaCorp visited the outlets yesterday and found a notice pasted on the shops' glass panels, stating that the "locations of Cuppage Terrace and Mosque Street (would) be closed over the weekend".

Ms Karen Tan, 30, was "shocked" to find the Cuppage outlet closed, as she had received a call from the spa just on Friday to confirm her appointment.

The teacher has used her $3,000 package only once since she bought it last year from True Spa, which transferred its operations to Subtle Senses on April 25. She intends to file a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal and complain to the Consumers Association of Singapore.

Meanwhile, some customers at the outlets on Friday who learnt about the closure were able to redeem their remaining unused sessions for facial products.

In the meantime, The Spa, Beauty and Wellness Alliance is looking at ways to get its alliance members to assist Subtle Senses clients from Ngee Ann City to complete their unused packages.


SBWA to help Subtle Senses with overbooking situation
By Satish Cheney | Posted: 16 October 2010 2252 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Spa, Beauty and Wellness Alliance (SBWA) is looking into the overbooking situation at Subtle Senses as a result of the closure of its Ngee Ann City branch at the beginning of October.

Subtle Senses had taken over all clients of another spa group - True Spa - which ceased operations recently.

With the closure of its own Ngee Ann City branch, it is having difficulties handling the spillover of clients.

The Alliance says it is in talks with Subtle Senses to find a solution.

Source: CNA/ac

Seems like spa centres (think Wellness Village & Simply Spa) are closing down one by one and those customers that have signed packages with them are unable to get back any form of compensation. Guess one should practice more caution when it comes to signing for such packages at any health or lifestyle institutions.

Probably this might come handy:

Protection for spa clients
Strait Times Singapore
Apr 7, 2010

SPA and wellness companies here are banding together to get insured, in the wake of a spate of salon closures in the last six months.

The tentative plan is for 10 to 12 beauty and wellness companies to get insured together.

If any of them folds, the rest will be able to come forward and absorb the balance of the packages that the defunct business owes its clients, with part of the cost covered by insurance.

The Spa and Wellness Association Singapore has been working with an 'appropriate insurance body and other appropriate organisations' to design such an insurance policy, its board member, Dr Sundardas Annamalay, told my paper.

Getting insured will protect both consumers and businesses, he said.

When spas Wellness Village and Simply Spa closed down last year, followed by salon Wax in the City two weeks ago, three companies - Atos Wellness Group, Rustic Nirvana and Subtle Senses - stepped in to bail them out.

They offered to provide the services owed to the defunct spas' clients, but are not getting any payment or reimbursement.

The insurance scheme is part of a 'comprehensive programme' to protect consumers and legitimate star players, Dr Sundardas said.

The association approached the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) about the programme last October, when 'there was already some rumbling' about beauty salons and spas going bust and leaving customers with expensive packages stranded, he said.

Together, they aim to come up with guidelines to protect beauty and wellness companies and their consumers, and to help the public identify credible companies, he said.

For example, they hope to draw up a list that informs the public which spas are insured and which are not.

An insured spa might charge more for its services, but 'no matter what happens, you're covered...if not, you're taking a chance', Dr Sundardas said. -- MYPAPER

Source: Strait Times

Just wondering if Subtle Senses is already insured? Hmmm...


Unknown said...

I threw Subtle Senses vouchers away whenever I received it.

They are super agressive and lousy.

Miss C said...

I've been getting their vouchers but never used before.

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