Tuesday, 16 November 2010

[CONTEST] Banana Boat's got you covered, baby ;)

Banana boat is a brand well-known for sun care, if you have not heard or seen this brand in stores then where have you been!?
I remember getting their spray-on sunscreen for trips to the sunny beaches of Thailand.
Yes, Banana Boat has served me well so far.

Singapore has summer all year round and thus, sun care is really important as it helps prevents
pre-matured aging (photo-aging),
prevents the growth of pigmentations
and also skin cancer!

Well-suited for our humid climate with their newly formulated sunscreens, guess you'll be glad to know that Banana Boat sunscreens are now lighter in texture and more comfortable for daily use. 

All of Banana Boat sunscreens are 
-water resistant
-fragrance free
-protects against UVA & UVB

Thanks to Banana Boat & the Sample Store , I was given this lovely goodie pack to try out for myself.
You can WIN one for yourself too, just read on for more info ;)

One of the unique features of Banana Boat's sunscreens is their patented AvoTriplex technology which will give you protection from the harmful rays of the sun for a longer period.

"Patented AvoTriplex technology offers complete 3-way protection against the sun, protecting
1) against sunburn with high UVB protection,
2) against the effects of aging and long-term skin damage with high UVA protection and
3) lasts longer under the sun without breaking down."

Faces sunscreen lotion SPF 23 (S$15.60)

This is oil-free which is great news for those already plagued with oily and/or acne skin.
And I love the fact that it doubles up as a makeup base too. I have always adored 2-in-1 products because they save time and are perfect for the lazy or busy women like myself.
This sunscreen which is for the face & neck, is suitable for all skin types - from normal to combination and it is also dermatologist tested. 

It is absorbed quickly without leaving any sticky after-feel unlike some other brands. 
Though there is quite a strong typical sunscreen 'scent', it's not that much of a bother.
Skin felt smooth to touch after 10 minutes and makeup goes on well.

Sport Sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 (S$13.90)

The Sport Sunscreen lotion SPF 50 features the patented AvoTriplex technology which I've mentioned above.
As it's meant for prolong outdoor use for the active consumer, it comes with a higher SPF and the texture is much more creamy too. 

Despite its thicker texture, it still gets absorbed rather quickly by the skin. 
However, it does leave a slight white cast and a shiny sheen on the skin. (Check out photo above)
But overall, I think it's a pretty decent sunscreen if you are gonna be spending a long time out there in the sun.
It is very water/sweat resistant so no worries when you're perspiring buckets after a round of beach volleyball!

Banana Boat lip balm SPF 30 (S$4.95)

This is something most of us tend to forget whenever we go out in the sun.
We may cover ourselves from head to toe with sunscreen but actually leave our lips bare and unprotected.

The Banana Boat lip balm SPF 30 is very affordable and it contains aloe vera and vitamin E which moisturizes and repairs chapped lips on top of protecting them from the sun. 
Please please please use a lip balm if you have chapped lips like myself, else you will forever have them and not be able to wear nude or light lip colors beautifully.

Now, here comes the exciting part. How to win a pack for yourself?

1) LIKE A Beauty Affair's Facebook Page, CLICK HERE TO LIKE
2) Follow my blog via Google or Networked Blogs, please check out the boxes on the side bar to your left.
3) Write a short entry on your blog OR facebook on why you wanna win (minimum 50 words),
you must also include that you have got to know about this from my blog and include my blog's url
Leave a comment here with your blog or facebook profile's link.
Best 5 entries win :)

Contest Deadline: 24th Nov 2010 @ 12Noon

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

can you use the sport sunscreen on your face?

Anonymous said...

I wish to win the banana boat sunscreen goodie pack from www.a-beauty-affair.com because the review looks good.... I hope to be able to win it and be given a chance to try the products out for myself.

posted in facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=631576260

Anonymous said...


Miss C said...

It's not stated whether the sports sunscreen can be used on the face too. Hence, I believe it's just for the body only.
Most sunscreens will state if it can be used on the face.

lifelittletales said...

been swimming lately so hope to find a good sun protection that works and here's the post sharing the giveaway on my blog:


Happy said...

I am training to run a half marathon and I run a long stretch of time under the sun. I know that even the morning and evening sun could be harmful so I need protection against these harmful rays. My bff has been a reader of A Beauty Affair blog and came across her giveaway of Banana Boat products and suggested me to join the contest which I am now doing it :)

Hope I get lucky with A Beauty Affair and get myself protected with the win :)

A Beauty Affair: [CONTEST] Banana Boat's got you covered, baby ;)

Posted above on facebook:

SamplesForYou said...

1)Have LIKE A Beauty Affair's Facebook Page

2)Have followed A Beauty Affair's via Google and Networked Blogs

3)I would love to win this Banana Boat Pack because my face and arms are showing signs of pigmentations and I have been skipping sun protection because I hate it when it gets sticky, especially in our humid weather. It also never occurred to me that I should use lip balms with SPF too.


宝宝 said...

sorry, I don't have a blog so I have posted the below comment on my fb wall instead.


Apart from apply sunscreen on my face, I have never thought of protecting the rest of my body from the sun until I came across an article about sun damages recently. It was said that sun damage can cause premature ageing, sun sports and possibly, skin cancer and that triggers the fear out of me. Since I am in the outdoors for my most of time, I reckon that I should play safe and get myself the necessary sun protection and coincidently, you have put up this giveaway so I decided to take part and hopefully, win from you.

Btw, I have well forgotten when or how I began reading from www.a-beauty-affair.com
but I am a silent follower with your page bookmark for as long as I could remember :)

Anonymous said...

I posted my entry on:

Fiona Tay said...

I've posted my entry on:

XIN MEI said...

I first came across www.a-beauty-affair.com during one of those AFC giveaway contest and have since enjoying reading your blog. Apart from liking your style of writing, I like the fact your reviews are fair and non-judgmental :)

Anyway, I hate to admit that though I knew the effect of sun damages but I never really bothered to apply sun protection at all. Most sunblocks are very rich in texture and too sticky for the skin to feel comfortable. Furthermore, I have encountered using a sunscreen that instead of adhering to the skin, it ‘melts’ in our humid weather and stained my beloved white blouse. And yes, not forgetting the sunscreens for the face, I have one with white fluidly liquid that makes my face looked horribly ghostly, one that offers very high SPF & UVB protection but will also clogs my pores and brings acnes as a bonus and another one in the perfect skin tone beige but this otherwise best of the lot, is a lone ranger (ie: good to apply on its own) and it is nearly impossible to apply makeup on smoothly onto it

Having much said and after reading your review of the Banana Boat sun protection product, I felt not all sun care products are hopeless and I certainly do not want to rip my skin it’s deserved protection :)


Patricia said...


I've posted my entry on my FB:

Beauty Tips said...

How I wish to be able to win it and be given a chance to try the products out for myself.

Miss C said...

Hi Beauty Tips, thanks for participating but this contest is closed already and the winners were already announced some time back...

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