Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Aqualabel is LOVE exclusive workshop by yours truly!

First and foremost, a BIG THANK YOU to friends and readers who set aside time to join me on Thursday, 30th Sept, for my private Aqualabel workshop. 

Words cannot describe my gratitude and joy because I had full attendance. 
Though you cannot tell in the photo below as there were two camera shy folks who are not in there.
Make it one as I think one of them is hiding behind me. LOL...

I had a blast that evening but I must admit that I was oh-so-nervous during the initial stage.
However, I managed to loosen up and ended up enjoying myself thoroughly.
You must understand that this is the first time I am presenting to so many people at one shot.
So it was no surprise that I had a gazillion butterflies in my tummy; it was way too chaotic and overcrowded in there. But it was all great fun! I enjoyed sharing beauty tips and cracking jokes along the way to just lighten up the mood.

I must admit that the whole preparations for the party was kind of rushed for me as I was already busy juggling work and wedding preparations. Unfortunately, it robbed me the luxury of time and money hence, I was unable to splurge on grand gifts, decor or food. However, I hope that my sincerity in wanting to share the goodness of Aqualabel and various skincare tips made up for the lack of the 'glitz and glamor'

Due to the lack of time, I had no choice to take leave from work on THE DAY itself.
However, it worked out to be ALL WORTH IT in the end. For decorations, I made a mini banner that spelled out my love for Aqualabel. I also brought blue pebbles for display and placed Aqualabel brochure cut-outs in photo frames, of which I had them lined up on the table among the testers.

I reached about an hour earlier to set up the place and was hoping to run through my slides but alas! the projector had some problems. My stomach was twisted into a tight knot as the minutes ticked by and the toggle button just didn't seem to wanna cooperate. Thankfully, there was dear Yanny & Stella to help me with the technical issues.

My workshop's theme was "Aqualabel is Love" simply because I love Aqualabel so much. The enhancer which is my holy grail product is Heaven-sent and I know I can't stop gushing over it. If you have not read about my review, please head over to this entry. It is also one of my TOP 5 PICKS from Aqualabel. There are a handful of products which I like too and I promise to come up with more reviews but I'm kinda strapped for time still. Do be patient with me!

Here's presenting one of the highlights of my private party to express my LOVE for Aqualabel:

Ta-dah! My Aqualabel is Love cupcakes!
Everyone could not stop cooing and oohing over them, because they look so sweet, adorable and yummy! I didn't try them personally but I had some positive feedback :) Looks like it's double chocolate chips flavor.

As I could not be presenting and applying the products on my face at the same time. I have decided to conduct a live demonstration, I had my dear sister sit in to be my model as I went through the steps of the night regime.

It was a great idea because some of my audience were planning to head out after this while others wanted to save the sheet mask for another time. So not everyone removed their makeup and be able to try on the products on their face.

It was also easier to talk about the White Reset Mask which is another personal favorite product of mine other than the enhancer.

Here I am, explaining the unique S-cuts and how to use the mask effectively for that uplifting effect to my audience.

After I ended my presentation and tempting them with goodness of the White Reset Mask, I had a mini contest where I asked the audience some questions and the correct answer would win a piece of the Aqualabel Reset White sheet mask!

Good to know that they were paying attention and not dozing off cause that would have meant that I was a boring speaker.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself and I am grateful for the full attendance.
Thank you ALL for making time to join me at my Aqualabel workshop.

*I look like I'm giving myself a round of applause below*

I also apologize for the lack of photos as my dear designated photographer of the night; Ms HM was too engrossed with my presentation that she only remembered to snap when we were almost 1/2 way done. Nevertheless, thanks for your help ;)
Thank you to Aqualabel for organizing this contest, it was a wonderful learning experience for me.
 I might never ever get to host a skincare workshop if not for this great opportunity presented by you guys.


June said...

Miss Charlotte can you pls remove my unglam removing make up photo from your blog!! Hahah just kidding.. good luck for the contest!

deedee said...

hey babe~ looks good! i wish i was there!!!

Unknown said...

wow looks fun, babe! wish you all the best in the contest!!! (:

Shirley said...

good job babe... can see that u put in alot of effort. jia you~

Miss C said...

June: babe, i've edited your pix so meimei already leh!
Deedee, Sweetpea, Shirley: Thanks so much babes for your kind comments :)

Belle said...

woo! nice presentation! i'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the party babe! good luck to u! :) -HM

Anonymous said...

ur bff here cheering u on! good luck!

Miss C said...

Thanks babes for cheering me on, really appreciate it :)

graclyn said...

Charlotte dear, thanks for the wonderful party! Xinni and I had fun, trying the products on our face! We just bought some of the products! Hee.

Miss C said...

Graclyn, thanks for coming down with your friend :) Glad you like the Aqualabel products too!

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