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Ampoules by Beauty Aurora Review

I was given a box of ampoules to try by Beauty Aurora.
And since it was box filled with several types, I have only managed to try out 3 so far last week.
You know, it has been a BUSY week for me with my Aqualabel private workshop happenings and all that.

Have you tried ampoules before? I've bought a few boxes off those livejournal sprees but ended up selling away most of them because I had no time to use. (Ok, I was too lazy too.) And I have tried ampoules during facials, of which during one occasion I paid S$68 (without GST yet)! Yes, it was obviously daylight robbery. So now, you can just get your own ampoules online from Beauty Aurora at a much affordable price and DIY in the comforts of your own homes.

Why ampoules? Well, Beauty Aurora shares that they have quite a lot of benefits:
- Makeup lasts longer as it is helpful in controlling sebum and makes the face looks less oily.
- Skin feels very soft and hydrated after application.
- Ability to be used as a cure on its own or in conjunction with other products.
- Easily pass through the skin and gives the skin radiance due to the high bio-curative skin care concentrates.
- It also Strengthens the skin resulting in lesser acne, black heads and tightens pores.
- Regulates the skin giving it extra moisture, bringing color to life skin and strengthens weak tissues.

Beauty Aurora assures that their ampoules and masks are authentic Made in Germany products which are used in major beauty salons and by makeup artists in Singapore. They are not those cheap "formulated in germany" ampoules which you can find outside.

The first ampoule I got to sample was the 'Carviar' one. The name alone already sounds so pampering and luxurious.

A specially prepared skin care concentrate that stimulates the synthesis of collagen, reverses cellular aging, repairs and regenerates, firms and tones mature skin.

This is suitable for Sensitive / Irritated skin.
- Ttreats highly stressed, damaged skin.
- Lifting and Firming Effect
- Replenishes Moisture
- Gives Skin a Healthy Radiant Glow
- Minimizes Open Pores
- Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines
- Smooths and Softens Complexion
- Can be use daily

My thoughts: I was initially skeptical about the ampoules producing instant results. However, you would definitely feel the difference after application. My skin felt instantly tighter and hydrated. But what I did not like was this slight stickiness on my face after using the ampoule. Luckily, it does not stay on long. I woke up the next day with soft and smooth skin that looks moisturized.


The next ampoule I tried was 'Hydrating':

It's product description states that its an intensive hydrating day cream with moisture-retaining properties to insure protection that lasts throughout the entire day. This is my first time coming across an ampoule that also contains UVA/UVB protective filter.
It also has firming and smoothing properties.

Suitable for dehydrated skin type.
- Locks in moisture all day and night, leaving skin to feel hydrated and conditioned.
- Replenishes Moisture
- Gives Skin a Healthy Radiant Glow
- Minimizes Open Pores
- Smooths and Softens Complexion
- Can be use daily

My thoughts: I am not sure if it were the UVA/UVB filter but I could feel a layer of something on my face after application. This felt different from the other ampoule I had tried. However, after awhile I got used to the feeling. As I stay in the office throughout for some days and would often end up with dehydrated skin. I used this all over my face, neck and even the upper part of my chest which would be exposed to the sun. Makeup glided on smoothly and it stayed on the whole day for 15 hours!!! Amazing! I did not even have to touch up at all.


Last but not least, I tried the 'Eye Zone' ampoule, which I thought I needed it pretty much since I have dark eye rings and eye bags.

This is an intensive care system for the entire eye area. It helps to reduce puffiness and dryness lines and wrinkles. It also contains natural ingredients restructure the skin's tissue and help to regain skin tone and elasticity. It protects the delicate eye area from dryness and reduces puffiness and is suitable for all skin types.

My thoughts: I was excited to try this one out but yet apprehensive at the same time too. What worried me was that millia seeds would form around the eye area if this proved too rich for me. However, so far no issues around the eye area for me. But still 1 ampoule is not sufficient for me to make much deduction as to whether it will chase my eye rings and eye bags away. I tend to have puffy eyes sometimes since I usually go to bed late nowadays. And it did seem to help a little with reducing the puffiness.

Rated: .5

How to use ampoules?

1) You got to open the vial up by breaking off the tip. What I usually do is wrap it in tissue and then snap the top off.

2) Pour out the liquid onto palms and massage onto face. It's really up to you as to how you are going to apply it on your face. You could use some on your neck too as you do not wish to neglect it. Remember, the neck is one of the body parts that is first to show signs of aging!

3) If you can't finish up the entire vial, you may store the balance by cling wrapping the opening of the vial and keeping the balance inside the fridge. However, do note that you must finish it within 24hrs.

I also got a packet of silk protein powder to try out. The review would be up in another blog entry another time.

For more information on their products, do check out their website: Beauty Aurora
Besides their Germany ampoules, they do sell other beauty products too.

*Photos above without my watermark are property of Beauty Aurora.

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