Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween & how mine was ruined by The Arena

My 1st Halloween experience was way back in 2008 and it was superb. Probably because I had on a fabulously cute witch outfit; one which I had been lemming for since ages. 

I went without expectations since it was my first time but I had ended up having the time of my life. My bestie, June accompanied me despite being ill and she got to borrow my brand new Sergent Sexy costume. We had the costumes, the props so all we had to do was to just go out & have fun.

New Skincare Range by Sana : Namerakahonpo Soya Q10 Skincare

Seen these in stores? Bet you have!

It's a new range by the great folks from Sana :) These new Soya products are the hype now and currently adorn the shelves of Sasa, John Little etc

Thursday, 28 October 2010

[REVIEW] Tony Moly Eggpore Tightening Pack

I'm sure everyone remembers the absolutely adorable eggs from Tony Moly.


Today, I am going to review the Step 2 product of the Tony Moly Eggpore series...Eggpore tightening pack!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Martha Tilaar Shop @ Marina Square

Looks like Marina Square is the place to be at, with more & more beauty shops popping up there. This is the 2nd shop preview I was invited to that was held over there. Martha Tilaar shop is currently opened at Marina Square, #02-341, just right beside The Body Shop.

Dr Martha Tilaar is the founder of the Martha Tilaar company and also a cosmetics entrepreneur from Indonesia. She has been in this beauty & spa industry for 40 years, building the Martha Tilaar brand and making it known nation-wide in Indonesia.

Monday, 25 October 2010

[REVIEW] Korean beauty brands from Gleaming Skin Online [Contains Tony Moly Product Reviews]

What's hot in Singapore now? Everything Korean.... From Kpop groups that drives ladies of all ages crazy to Korean melodramas that keep one glued to the screen for hours to Korean skincare & cosmetic brands that receive squeals of delight from the beauty junkies.

Gleaming Skin brings you the convenience of shopping for all the HOTTEST korean beauty brands under one website and they spoil you with their low, affordable prices. They operate on a pre-order basis so there's some downtime but the great savings are definitely worth the wait. There's Beauty Credit, Etude House, Tony Moly, Laneige and The Face Shop just to name a few.

What's more, they have monthly promotions on top of the big discounts they give. So what's there not to love about them? For example, currently, they are giving away a Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment now for purchases above SGD200!

Thanks to Gleaming Skin I got to try out 3 of the Tony Moly products they carry. As you can see from the above photo, there's the Backstage Self-Smokey Eye Collection #1 in Grace Smokey, Ice Cream Multi Play Cream & Eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. (left to right)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Look Younger and Stay Thin? Find Out!

Yet another interesting article by the Cosmetic Cops which I would want to share with my readers.
I believe most of my readers are still below 40 years old, so it's still not too late to do some prevention now.

Image credited to

Look Younger and Stay Thin? Find Out!
By Bryan Barron,
Cosmetics Cop Team Contributor

Friday, 22 October 2010

[REVIEW] K-Palette Oil Control Zero Teka Matt Powder, Natural Beige

These are flying off the shelves in SASA and K-palette was having 20% off over there till 10th Oct. Furthermore, the more I played around with the tester, the more I was convinced to purchase it.

Seriously, how I could I resist it!?

Price: S$19.90

"Light-weight soft powder that helps to cover pores and absorb excessive sebum to control shine. The unique powder mix is formulated to diffuse the reflection of light to give you that matte, ceramic complexion all day long. Contains moisturizing ingredients, hyaluronic acid and collagen, to keep skin supple. Puff included."

Thursday, 21 October 2010

KOTEX LUXE* Ultrathin Design pads chase my blues away

23cm pad length * Ultrathin Wings

Never thought I would be blogging about this but yeah, it actually worked.
My first impression of the pads were "pretty but impractical & real clever marketing gimmick."
However, today, Kotex proved me wrong.

I'm having my menstruation now & am unusually grouchy all thanks to the fluctuating hormones.
But one of the consolations I had was getting to wear a pretty pad.
Yes, I couldn't even believe myself and that I'm blogging about this now.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Subtle Senses is going down, down, down...

I think everyone should practice caution when it comes to signing packages, especially with spa centres. With them closing down one by one, surely it does not take much common sense to know better.

A day back, I shared a few articles on spa closures & Subtle Senses' dire situation.
Check back HERE
Things are obviously not looking too good now with the closure of the last 2 branches.

Spa customers irate over closure of Subtle Senses branches
By Satish Cheney | Posted: 19 October 2010 2322 hrs Subtle Senses

SINGAPORE : Customers of the spa Subtle Senses are irate over the closure of the last two branches at Cuppage and Mosque Street.

Liquidators were seen on Tuesday at the Mosque Street branch of the chain which took over customers from another spa, True Spa, when it closed down earlier this year.

A provisional liquidator from Stone Forest Corporate Advisory said it was in the process of looking into Subtle Senses' accounts.

It hopes to hold a creditors' meeting next month to address questions from employees, creditors and customers.

Some employees are also saying they have not been paid salaries.

Both branches of Subtle Senses at Cuppage and Mosque Street have closed indefinitely.

Subtle Senses closed its Ngee Ann City branch earlier this month.

Customers said they have lost faith in the spa industry and will avoid buying spa packages.

"I've lost about S$9,000. Some people have lost about S$4,000 to S$7,000... It's not fair. Now, the economy is very bad and we have to lose this kind of money, it's not fair to us," said a Subtle Senses customer. - CNA /ls


Just to help spread the word, if you're a victim of Subtle Senses do contact Alissa.
I saw this in a forum & thought it would be good for those wanting to gather with other victims to lodge any complaint etc.

"We are currently gathering all the victimised members of True Spa/Subtle Senses/True ‘Est. We hope to build a stronger base for complaint against the spa. If you are one of the victims or know of anyone who is interested to join, please kindly send the following information to Alissa at

Name/ Email Address / Contact No.Estimate Balance Package Value 
Are you a member (originally/converted) of True Spa (TS)/Subtle Senses (SS)/True 'Est (T'Est)"

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Subtle Senses on verge of closing down?

I have gotten my Subtle Senses voucher from the POCC facebook promotion.
POCC stands for Power Over Cervical Cancer.
Isn't it disgusting that Subtle Senses is participating in such charity events when their vouchers probably can't be utilized anytime soon.

Because it seems like they are in a dire financial situation and it would be no big surprise should they just fold up soon one day?

Check out the news articles below:

Subtle Senses closed at the weekend
by Esther Ng
05:55 AM Oct 18, 2010

SINGAPORE - First it closed its Ngee Ann City branch, five months after taking over True Spa's operations. Now Subtle Senses has closed its two remaining outlets - albeit, for the weekend.

Some customers, apparently, are waiting for today, to see if the closure is really just for two days.

A patron who was at the Cuppage Terrace outlet on Friday saw employees handing in their resignations.

"When I asked one of them, they said the parent company (HealthTrends Group) is taking over the management of Subtle Senses," she said, declining to be named.

Another customer who was at the Mosque Street outlet on Saturday found it "unusual" that the doors were locked at 10.05am, as the staff are usually there at 9.30am on weekends, she told MediaCorp.

Ms Susan Choi said: "A contract massage staff was also waiting outside and after several calls and half an hour later she told me and several customers that Subtle Senses closed on Friday night."

The contract staff told another customer she had yet to receive her pay.

MediaCorp visited the outlets yesterday and found a notice pasted on the shops' glass panels, stating that the "locations of Cuppage Terrace and Mosque Street (would) be closed over the weekend".

Ms Karen Tan, 30, was "shocked" to find the Cuppage outlet closed, as she had received a call from the spa just on Friday to confirm her appointment.

The teacher has used her $3,000 package only once since she bought it last year from True Spa, which transferred its operations to Subtle Senses on April 25. She intends to file a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal and complain to the Consumers Association of Singapore.

Meanwhile, some customers at the outlets on Friday who learnt about the closure were able to redeem their remaining unused sessions for facial products.

In the meantime, The Spa, Beauty and Wellness Alliance is looking at ways to get its alliance members to assist Subtle Senses clients from Ngee Ann City to complete their unused packages.


SBWA to help Subtle Senses with overbooking situation
By Satish Cheney | Posted: 16 October 2010 2252 hrs

SINGAPORE: The Spa, Beauty and Wellness Alliance (SBWA) is looking into the overbooking situation at Subtle Senses as a result of the closure of its Ngee Ann City branch at the beginning of October.

Subtle Senses had taken over all clients of another spa group - True Spa - which ceased operations recently.

With the closure of its own Ngee Ann City branch, it is having difficulties handling the spillover of clients.

The Alliance says it is in talks with Subtle Senses to find a solution.

Source: CNA/ac

Seems like spa centres (think Wellness Village & Simply Spa) are closing down one by one and those customers that have signed packages with them are unable to get back any form of compensation. Guess one should practice more caution when it comes to signing for such packages at any health or lifestyle institutions.

Probably this might come handy:

Protection for spa clients
Strait Times Singapore
Apr 7, 2010

SPA and wellness companies here are banding together to get insured, in the wake of a spate of salon closures in the last six months.

The tentative plan is for 10 to 12 beauty and wellness companies to get insured together.

If any of them folds, the rest will be able to come forward and absorb the balance of the packages that the defunct business owes its clients, with part of the cost covered by insurance.

The Spa and Wellness Association Singapore has been working with an 'appropriate insurance body and other appropriate organisations' to design such an insurance policy, its board member, Dr Sundardas Annamalay, told my paper.

Getting insured will protect both consumers and businesses, he said.

When spas Wellness Village and Simply Spa closed down last year, followed by salon Wax in the City two weeks ago, three companies - Atos Wellness Group, Rustic Nirvana and Subtle Senses - stepped in to bail them out.

They offered to provide the services owed to the defunct spas' clients, but are not getting any payment or reimbursement.

The insurance scheme is part of a 'comprehensive programme' to protect consumers and legitimate star players, Dr Sundardas said.

The association approached the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) about the programme last October, when 'there was already some rumbling' about beauty salons and spas going bust and leaving customers with expensive packages stranded, he said.

Together, they aim to come up with guidelines to protect beauty and wellness companies and their consumers, and to help the public identify credible companies, he said.

For example, they hope to draw up a list that informs the public which spas are insured and which are not.

An insured spa might charge more for its services, but 'no matter what happens, you're covered...if not, you're taking a chance', Dr Sundardas said. -- MYPAPER

Source: Strait Times

Just wondering if Subtle Senses is already insured? Hmmm...

Monday, 18 October 2010

18-24th Oct - Get up to 20% + additional 20% off @ John Little

Exclusive deals for OCBC Robinsons Visa Elite & Platinum, Robinsons & Valueplus cardholders!
Get up to 20% off + additional 20% off on toiletries, cosmetics & health supplements.

Do check out the flyer insert below, double click on it to enlarge.

If you are not a cardholder of any of the above, just ask to sign up for the Valueplus card.
You need not pay a cent & you'll get the card on the spot to enjoy the discounts!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Presenting L'oreal Perfect Clean & Youth Code

I'm real excited to share about these 2 new range of products from L'oreal Paris. 

It's really great to have L'oreal launching so many new products in this short span of time. I was delighted when they invited me over for a lovely preview with the other beauty bloggers & their guests to try out and experience these products for myself.

Friday, 15 October 2010

L'oreal Youth Code Celebratory Luncheon! You're invited!

Just got this in my mail, those who are keen to experiment this revolutionary new range brought to you proudly by the great folks of L'oreal... Do check it out ;)

I think you'll need to log on to to get your invites! Just pay $35 and get a free luncheon + goodie bag worth $176.50, why not?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

FREE Cleo Workshop in Dec!

I wanted to sign up for this but it would be wayyyyy too close to my wedding date so yeah...
Those who are keen, do check it out. It is co-sponsored by Aqualabel, Majolica Majorca & Shiseido Professional + Panasonic.
It's FREE & you will get a goodie bag too!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Aqualabel is LOVE exclusive workshop by yours truly!

First and foremost, a BIG THANK YOU to friends and readers who set aside time to join me on Thursday, 30th Sept, for my private Aqualabel workshop. 

Words cannot describe my gratitude and joy because I had full attendance. 
Though you cannot tell in the photo below as there were two camera shy folks who are not in there.
Make it one as I think one of them is hiding behind me. LOL...

I had a blast that evening but I must admit that I was oh-so-nervous during the initial stage.
However, I managed to loosen up and ended up enjoying myself thoroughly.
You must understand that this is the first time I am presenting to so many people at one shot.
So it was no surprise that I had a gazillion butterflies in my tummy; it was way too chaotic and overcrowded in there. But it was all great fun! I enjoyed sharing beauty tips and cracking jokes along the way to just lighten up the mood.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Winners of the Blog Giveaway :)

Thanks for the participation. Here are the lucky winners :)
Total no of participants - 28

Item 1: 6
Item 2: 3
Item 3: 11
Item 4: 0
Item 5: 8

Using the random number generator, the winner for each prize is as below!

ITEM #1  Loreal Super Liner 24H Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Congrats Bernice!

ITEM #2 Paul & Joe Nail Color - Vernis A Ongles (Color appears more pearly silver in reality)

Congrats Jocelyn!

ITEM #3 Aqualabel MO Trial Set - Moisture Lotion R, Enhancer MO & Moisture Emulsion R

Congrats to Shernelle!

Item #5: Tony Moly Vita Vital MX7 Calming Foam Cleanser

Congrats Lay Ching!

I will be in touch with you ladies shortly :) Or you could just email me direct with your delivery address to speed things up. 

Saturday, 9 October 2010

[REVIEW] Bebeco Skin Care Range from Korea

A Beauty Affair is proud to share with her readers about another HOT Korean brand, Bebeco, that is currently available in Singapore. Did you know what does the brand name Bebeco stands for?
Well, I certainly didn't and I thought that this was rather cute.
Bebeco = "BEtter BEauty COsmetic"

Bebeco carries a wide variety of skin care products that are highly popular in Korea and now, even in Singapore. Their range of skincare also incorporates natural ingredients such as Orange Vitamins and Plant Hormone in their skin care range. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Thanks to Bebeco, I was given a number of products to try out. I told them about my skin concerns; blackheads, uneven skin tone and dryness on the cheeks. And I was introduced to this skincare regime which is like a DIY Facial Routine. Something one can try at home and save money at the same time instead of splurging hundreds at facial salons.

The DIY Facial Routine will allow one to achieve an effect that is similar to what one gets at the facial salon.
It consists of the following products:

Step 1: Real Perfect Cleansing Gel
Step 2: Plant Vita Foam Cleanser
Step 3: Perfect Peeling Gel
Step 4: Strawberry Yogurt Mask Pack

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Ampoules by Beauty Aurora Review

I was given a box of ampoules to try by Beauty Aurora.
And since it was box filled with several types, I have only managed to try out 3 so far last week.
You know, it has been a BUSY week for me with my Aqualabel private workshop happenings and all that.

Winners of AFC Japan Collagen Beauty Supplements :)

Check out the video to see if you are one of the lucky 5!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hey readers! A chance to win Essential Hair Essence!

If you wanna win an Essential Hair Essence of your choice, try your luck by winning it through voting for your favorite BEFORE & AFTER picture here.
You may vote for mine HERE or anyone else you fancy in the album :)

Contest Period: 5th Oct 2010 – 19th Oct 2010
20 voters will be selected randomly and awarded 1 Essential Hair Essence (voters get to choose choice of hair essence)
Good luck, ladies!

Monday, 4 October 2010

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL :) & some updates...

I'm sorry that this post is up late.

However, I just wanna express my  gratitude to those who attended my Aqualabel Workshop.
It was fun and a great learning experience for me.
Photos will be up soon by mid week :)

Also big thanks to those who had responded to the AFC Japan Beauty Collagen Supplements Contest 
held at my Facebook Page.
Results will be out within this week! Do keep a lookout in A Beauty Affair's Facebook Page

My Giveaway Post will be ending this week. So if you have yet to participate in it, do hop over to the entry here.

Once again, thanks for your wonderful support.
Blog entries might not be that frequent for awhile as I am busy with wedding preps ;)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

[REVIEW] Essential Makes Me A Hair-py Girl

The geniuses at Kao have come up with a new range of damage care hair products that have made me a very HAIR-py girl. Essential Damage Care promises to nourish & care for your damaged hair, even up to the last 15cm of it. Many trendy ladies in Singapore have damaged hair due to the constant chemical-treatments we make our hair put up with for the sake of looking good. Think rebonding, perming & dyeing.... But how can one look gorgeous if the end result will only be dry & badly damaged hair? Fried hair is so not sexy. Did you know that even regular styling and blow-drying will cause damage to hair?

Most of us would be no stranger to miserable hair issues such as split-ends, tangles and brittle hair. We may even resort to cutting off our hair which we have painstakingly tried to grow out for the past year just to get rid the damaged portions. But ladies plagued with such HAIR ISSUES, fret not! As Kao's Essential range of Damage Care products will fix this problem for you!

They have two range of products depending on the hair finish you prefer:

Nuance Airy : For an Airy & Bouncy Look
Rich Premier : For a Smooth & Manageable Look

Thanks to the blogger campaign by Kao & The Sample Store , I was given both ranges to try out :)
Each range consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, Hair Mask & Serum

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