Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Pucker up to ZA Plumper Lipstick & Lipgloss

Fall 2010 trend reports have shown that lipsticks are back with a passion. With more focus being on the lips instead of the eyes or brows on the runways. Always keeping pace with the latest fashion, ZA brings you PLUMPER LIPSTICK & PLUMPER LIPGLOSS!!!


Moisturizes and plumps up lips as it contains Fill-up collagen. I was kind of skeptical as most lipsticks tend to dry out my lips but this one was different. And I am not saying this just because ZA was kind enough to give me these lipsticks and lip glosses to try out. But it's for real! It is really moisturizing and reduced the appearance of my chapped lips. Due to its moisturizing properties and Plump-up pearl feature, it creates a 3D effect on the lips. It also contains Prismatic Red Pigment which makes the color more vivid and vibrant on your lips.

Plumper Lipstick is available in 9 dazzling shades:

My personal favorite are shades 02 Rosy Flush & 03 Cinnamon Shimmer
Check out how the ZA Plumper lipsticks & lip glosses appear on my lips!


The lipgloss adds a touch of gloss and glamor to your lips especially if you're using it on top of the ZA plumper lipstick for a more 3D look too. It also contains Fill-up collagen and Plump-up pearl to give one's cupid bows a sexy pout. Each lipgloss comes with a sponge-tip applicator for easy application.

Available in 6 juicy shades:

Shades in accordance to the lip gloss photo above.

I tried using a lip concealer prior to applying both ZA plumper lipstick and lipgloss for a more nude look and this was the result!

Moisture factor: I find it really moisturizing!!! 5/5!
Variety: There's enough for one to experiment with.
Long-lasting:  It's still on even after my lunch! I'm truly amazed...


Do watch out for these lippies, they will be launching in October!!!
And there's a SPECIAL PROMOTION for all. Oh, don't we love promotions :)

ZA Plumper Eye Set:

Purchase Cutie Curl Mascara or ZA Dramatic Eye Color 
and you'll receive :

Eyelash Curler + Deep Cleansing Oil 15ML
Pink Mirror +  Deep Cleansing Oil 15ML



Anonymous said...

Come next year spring, I heard that the fashion color would be pastel shade.

Wonder what shade of color will be come up with. (:

Miss C said...

Me too... Za says Moody black is HOT this year as observed from the runways! :D

Unknown said...

i want to buy cinnamon shimmers too after reading your post, the shade is gorgeous!!!!!

Miss C said...

Yes, it's a really pretty color :)

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