Friday, 24 September 2010

[REVIEW] Kanebo Kracie PureNavi Cleansers

I got this from The Sample Store FOC and you can get yours there too, just click HERE

The birth of a new generation of additive-free “pure beauty”. 
Experience, new facial products from Japan, the beauty essence facial wash! 

"Every woman can have translucent, youthful-looking, “purely beautiful” skin. Introducing of one of the most popular new concept facial wash series from Kracie Home Products(former name: Kanebo). Feel the Gentleness & Functionality with new purenavi series! This series has no chemical additive such as paraben and very mild to your delicate skin.

The concept of this facial wash series are, wash your face with “beauty essence”. You will feel well moistened skin as if we applied beauty essence while washing you face! Purenavi series cleanse away dirt and grime, dead skin cells and makeup, not just on the surface but deep in the pores, to enable better absorption of the goodness in your facial lotions.

They are enriched with Pure Collagen (hydrating properties) - Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized while you cleanse.
Purenavi uses natural cleansing ingredients:
Grapefruit extract (skin cleansing ingredient) -> Removes dead skin cells
Grape seed oil (pore cleansing ingredient) -> Deep cleanses pores
Pure collagen (hydrating ingredient) -> Hydrate while you cleanse "

Got the above extract from The Sample Store too.

Anyway, the sample set contains 3 sachets of each of the above products.
One sachet could last you for 2 uses. Do redeem yours to try it out for yourself.

Beauty Essence Cleansing Gel 150g S$14.90
Works well even with wet hands. A unique oil-infused gel-type texture that transforms into a watery texture as it removes makeup, leaving your skin refreshed and clean. (Allergy tested. *Does not guarantee that it will not cause allergies in all people.) (Non-comedogenic. *Does not guarantee that it will not cause acne in all people.)

What I thought of it:

The texture was partially runny and jelly-like.

I thought that it did remove makeup pretty well. Even my most stubborn waterproof Sana liquid eyeliner was almost 90% gone. But be careful when using it around the eye area, I felt a slight sting but it was still very much bearable.

However, after rinsing off, my face still did not feel very clean. It kind of felt like I still had a layer of something on it. But it did not matter so much since I usually double cleanse.


Beauty Essence Facial Cleanser (non-foaming) 180mL S$12.90
Gentleness without the foams. Essence-rich cleansing – a new-concept facial cleanser.
Deep cleanses pores while infusing the goodness of beauty essence into your skin for skin that is smooth to the touch. Enriched with beauty essence for clean and soft skin. Mild on the skin, perfect for busy mornings.

What I thought of it:

This one's texture is really runny and I'm not so sure about non-foaming cleansers as I've been told foam carries off more dirt and gunk. Plus, it does not leave soap residue in your pores as compared to those that do not foam.

I didn't quite fancy the really strong alcohol-like smell on this one. It felt like a pretty decent, normal cleanser to me. Nothing special though...
But at least it didn't sting my eyes.


Foamy Beauty Essence Gel Facial Cleanser 120g S$10.90
Cleanse your skin thoroughly with soft, gentle foam, enhanced with beauty essence for dewy, smooth skin.

What I thought of it:
This one had the most gooey gel texture. It seems gentle to the skin and did not cause any discomfort to my eyes.

After rinsing off, my face felt the way it should be - clean. And no, it wasn't the tight squeaky clean feeling which some cleansers gave - not the ones that meant that it had dried out your skin and it isn't a good sign (feeling).

However, as you can see from the below photo, upon application to the face and after massaging it for awhile, it does not foam up too. But instead it did turns pretty soapy not foamy. I still felt that it did a great job at cleansing though.

Paired with the makeup cleansing gel, these two would have been a great combination for daily cleansing. What more, the price is very affordable too.


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