Monday, 6 September 2010

Do you have dry, damaged hair but oily scalp? [ Shampoo + Hair Mask Review ]

I'm cursed with dry, damaged hair but with an oily scalp. So most products I use will conflict with each other. Previously, I was trying out L'Oreal's Elseve Damage Care shampoo for colored and damaged hair but it was too rich and ended up giving me flaky scalp or what's more commonly known as dandruff.

The culprit - too nourishing for my scalp?

Rated: .5

I guess this would have worked well for those plauged with just dry and damaged hair.
Unfortunately, it did not work for me but still kudos for its effort, as it really moisturizes the hair tips and roots.
Just alittle too much for me though...

So I stopped using that and bought the Head & Shoulders Anti-dandruff shampoo targeted at getting rid of all the flakiness.


But it was too drying for my headful of 'already close to resembling hay' hair.
However, I must really give credit to the product for it worked in getting rid of the flakes though the dryness was causing my hair to tangle badly.

But I was not ready to give it up yet. Hence, instead of using a conditioner with it, I used the Sunsilk damaged hair reconstruction hair mask instead. And this is REALLY GOOD!!!


After washing my hair and letting it dry naturally on its own without using the hair mask would only result in what would resemble an abandoned bird nest after a volcanic eruption. Hair becomes so poofy aka "pong pong" and I totally hate it.

But with the hair mask, my hair is softer and more manageable. It settles down without much effort after drying naturally. Best of all, I saw it going for S$5.50 only at CK Department Store. I bet Ocean or those stores that sell cheaper toiletries at Chinatown are selling around that price too.

And the tub is gonna last you for a long while since a little really goes a long way.
I don't know what I would be doing without it!

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