Sunday, 8 August 2010

My 3G-RF Trial at Desire Aesthetics

pic credits to bliss

Desire Aesthetics Clinic is a premiere aesthetic boutique that offers a unique experience with the latest cosmetic treatments. They have branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia offering a comprehensive list of medical aesthetics services, focusing on age management.

I brought girlfriend, June down with me for our 3G-RF trial. I chose the Face - lifting and tightening treatment while she picked the Eye - dark circle / puffy eye bag treatment.

Located within Central Mall, it was pretty convenient for us given that if we were to take the public transport. We could just alight at Clarke Quay MRT station; which was just below the mall itself.

Just a quick run through on what June's and my treatment is all about:

Mine - Face (lifting & tightening)

This non-invasive and painless technology delivers 3GRF energy, which warms both upper and lower layers without damaging skin. Skin will be more toned, firmer and smoother.

As our skin matures and is continuously subjected to environmental effects, its connective tissue begins to break down, causing wrinkles and other signs of ageing develop.

The 3GRF energy penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) where the Collagen fibers are embedded. The local heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers, and at the same time increases the metabolism of the Fibroblasts thereby accelerating the production of new Collagen and Elastin fibers.

The contraction of Collagen fibers and the regeneration of the Collagen and Elastin deposits, tighten the skin layers creating smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.

June's - Eye Eye Treatment for Dark, Under Eye Circles

3GRFs essentially provide a facelift without surgery, but such treatment is highly helpful in the reduction of dark circles under the eyes.

The skin is warmed softly with 3rd generation radio frequency waves.
This promotes collagen production, hence, strengthens the skin around the eyes and lessening dark circles under the eyes.

There is no skin incision involved. In addition, it does not burn the skin like invasive skin lasers can.

The therapists/consultants were friendly and not pushy at all. As I had eye makeup & contact lenses on, so my therapist avoided my eye area. First, a cold layer of gel was spread out evenly on my face before massaging my cheeks with the RF head.

They did one side of my face and for June's case; one eye first so that we could see and compare the difference. Interestingly, the results were visible within the first trial. However, we were told that a continuous session of a few more times for the initial period was required for better effects. As a one time session would only go to waste since it will very quickly revert to its original state.

After seeing her dark eye rings lessen, June was really keen in signing up a package. I thought that my mini 'facelift' reminded me of the BOTOX® Masseter Reduction Treatment I had before.

Which kind of leaves me in a dilemma as to which method should I go for if I were to want to slim down my face.... Because the cost would work out to be the same for both.

All information provided in this entry were taken from their website HERE


Ak Sağlık said...

was an article I liked. Thanks for sharing.

Miss C said...

No problem :) Glad you found it of help. Anyway, my friend signed up for the package lol!

Rupinder said...

Here's another question. Does collagen products firm sagging skin when it is applied directly.

Miss C said...

I've not tried any products with collagen on my skin yet, so I can't comment much though there are some in the market that claims to promote the collagen production. These could probably work if they stimulate production but mere collagen if applied directly on skin probably won't firm sagging skin as it cannot be absorbed through the skin.

Riza said...

Hi, i'm just 15 and I have bad dark circles :( What should I do? I can't possibly go for those ex treatments..any eye serum/cream that u can recommend?

Miss C said...

Hi, don't have any effective eye creams I can recommend at the moment but my sister has.. let me check with her. It's a brand from Japan and she says it reduces dark eye circles!

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