Monday, 23 August 2010

Kotex is launching a WOW new product, be the first to find out !

WOW yourself

Kotex bursts in a whole new colour, for the first time, only for someone spirited and exciting like you! Say hello to the unique fusion of beauty and better protection. Get the chance to be the first one to get a preview of this new offering and go WOW!

I'm a Kotex Tampon fan! Haha, actually a convert from OB tampons.
But anyway, on days with heavy flow, I do use sanitary pads too.
Kotex now has a new product that's bound to WOW your mind away!!!

Last Saturday, my girlfriend & I attended the Kotex WOW bloggers' party along with 80 over other pretty bloggers. However, we were almost an hour late for the event and hence, did not manage to partake in most of their activities.
But nevertheless, here's a quick run through of the day's events.

Held at Heaven's Loft which was located at the 8th level of Orchard Central.
A perfect haven for the girly, flirty & beautiful crowd.

There was a Ben & Jerry's counter inside which kept me preoccupied for quite awhile.

Rows of WOW cupcakes were calling out to me as I entered.

I succumbed to temptation and brought home a cupcake (or maybe two).
You could also decorate your cupcake but I wasn't feeling creative that day.

The bloggers gather outside at the lounge area to decorate the giant WOW signage.
Creative juices flowed freely as the lovely bloggers filled the cards with a harmony of colors.

Once done, the cards were put up to form the entire WOW display.

The completed masterpiece of the combined effort of all the bloggers was quite a sight to behold.

I was still enjoying my Ben & Jerry's while all these were going on. *sheepish grin*

Anyway, the goodie bag was awesome. I found my favorite mini tampons inside too!
We also got a pack of the new product and some pantyliners.
Plus a really pretty-looking notebook and an interesting mug which showed the WOW flowery design when hot water was poured into it.

So what was this whole event about?
Let's look into the WOW Lookbook to find out...

GORGEOUS! What's that???

These are the world's most beautiful range of sanitary pads. Have you ever seen color or designs on a pad's surface? I bet no, so this probably are the FIRST as well!
Ain't they pretty?

Casline Chu, Regional Marketing Director of Feminine Care, SADEC says "Color and design have and will always play irreplaceable roles in a woman's life, perhaps even more so as she steps into adulthood and finds her place in the world. From make-up to fashion and lifestyle possessions, her choice of hues, contours and patterns is an expression of her character, personality and emotion."

So now, you get to pick pads in designs which you fancy to express yourself!
Which is your favorite? I'm totally digging this design:

Available in 6 different designs as shown above, these designed pads come in 2 ranges.

Firstly, there's the NEW Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads.
They come in pretty drawstring poly bags as shown below:

There are 6 pads in each pack, one pack has 3 designs inside. The pad length is 23cm and it will be retailing for S$1.95/pack.

The other range would be the Upgraded Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Fusion Day & Night Pads.

These come in 20 pads per pack for the Day pad (23cm) and 14 pads per pack for the Night pad (32cm). They will be available at S$6.40/pack

Do look out for these NEW product offerings by Kotex in stores come 13th Sept 2010!

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