Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets Review

Dearest HM gave me a packet to try out and I was impressed. If you need a quick fix for makeup removal when you're just really too tired out to do the entire works or just too drunk. This is the product you should keep by your side at all times!

Taken from the KAO website:
"Gentle on your skin but tough on makeup, alcohol-free Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets removes all traces of makeup easily- even waterproof mascara! Cleansing oil does not remain on skin so there is no greasy, sticky feeling after use. Made of 100% natural cotton fibre and contains moisturising agents that makes skin feel soft, smooth and supple, not tight. Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy makeup removal anytime, anywhere with Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets."

And yes the description above says it all!
I was initially skeptical about it as it has oil on its sheet and I hate having a greasy after feel. But to my pleasant surprise there was none at all! No oily or sticky feeling after usage.

All it took was just 1 sheet to remove my entire makeup.
My usual full face makeup comprises of eyebrow liner, eyeliner, blusher, concealer and powder. I have not tried this on mascara yet but I am pretty sure it will not disappoint. For other brands of makeup removal sheets, I have to use up to 2-3 sheets to ensure that all traces of makeup is gone but not this one which also makes it really economical to use!

I really love this to bits!! It is highly recommended by me :)

Where to buy? Watsons, NTUC stores
How much? S$16.50 for a pack of 48 sheets



Evonne said...

i LOVE this too!

Doesn't irritate my eyes and removes mascara effortlessly for me! : D

Miss C said...

but makeup artist Andy Lee said its too harsh :( however, i really love this...

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