Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bella Skin Care's Headquarters or Branch trying to smoke me?!?

Previously, I left a note on Bella Skincare's Facebook page stating my unhappiness. Before signing up for a package, I had tried their treatments on two separate occasions. And during these two treatments, everything was up to my expectation which is why I had decided to get a package.

However, things went downhill from there. For my first visit as a package customer, the therapist seemed kind of new but I felt that even if she was, she should be given a chance to perform. However, when it came to the extraction part, it lasted for less than 3 minutes. It is impossible that I didn't have any white or blackheads to extract! And so I left with nose full of blackheads. The entire facial lasted approximately an hour and half.

Come the second visit, and the therapist missed a step - sonic peel.
They apologized about it and I told them to just include it in my next session when I did the whitening treatment which did not come with any free sonic peel.
The facial lasted for a mere hour only this time round. The usual is approximately 2 hours.

Over the days, I got more pissed as I thought of it and thus, I decided to leave my feedback on the Bella Skin Care Facebook page. I got a reply promptly by their advertising agent and was referred to their HQ. A lady whose name I'd forgotten called me up within the next few days to hear me out.

Their conclusion for the therapist missing a step? - I was given the whitening treatment instead. And because I have not done the whitening treatment before, I BELIEVED her.

Today, I went for my facial and they did the whitening treatment for me. And I knew that I NEVER had this treatment done before. The whitening treatment had a step in which the whitening serum was infused into the skin with this machine that gave out a red and white light.

My previous facial was a CVT & not the whitening because I had the cold compressor iron step. When I asked the HQ lady as to why did the counter girl tell me that I had the CVT facial when it was the whitening treatment that was being done for me. She told me that because the result feed was not out yet and thus, the counter girl had no idea that they had changed the treatment for me last minute.

Now, I do not know if its the branch people who smoked the HQ lady OR the HQ lady is trying to smoke me OR if both of them had collaborated to give me this tall tale!?!?

Seriously, if you want to lie, at least have the decency to do it PROPERLY!


Eileen said...


I actually saw yr this message at one forum, that's why thought of asking you...

Do you know whether the Bella Facial package is transferable??? As I am not very happy with their service, so I am not trying to find ways to use it up...

hope to hear from you... Tkss

Miss C said...

Hi Eileen, I'm not too sure on this, maybe you can call their hotline to check or ask your branch consultant. I only know that the packages can be shared with friends or relatives/others.

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