Monday, 30 August 2010

Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing Review

I'm using it now and I think cleansing oil works so much better than liquid based ones. And I know I've raved about the Mandom Cleaning Express but the Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing has replaced it! Also one of my personal top five picks of Aqualabel Products.

The first ingredient on this product is mineral oil and I know some people are really skeptical over products containing mineral oil. But personally, I do not find this pore clogging at all. Afterall, it is just a makeup remover in which you will have to wash your face with water.

I take 1-2 cotton pads to remove all makeup though the instructions on the bottle did state that I could use my bare dry or wet hands to massage away the makeup.
The suggested amount to use was 3 pumps but I felt that 1 pump was more than sufficient for 1 cotton pad.

What I'll usually do is to use 1 cotton pad to remove all makeup and another cotton pad to swipe away the residue (of makeup and oil traces). I feel that it works better this way for me because there is still a slight greasy residue after the first swipe. However, overall there is no unpleasant sticky or oily after feel.

In conclusion, I find it affordable (S$18.50 for 150ML) and a product that works.
It's cleans effectively and does not cause me to breakout.
I'm pretty much digging this product.


For those keen in knowing the ingredients, I apologize as this is the best shot I could get:

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