Sunday, 4 July 2010

Winner of the L'Oreal $50 Hamper

This is the winning entry:

"I think that the Pink Mania L'oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity palette suits my personality the most.

This is because there are shades of amethyst and purple in this palette; my favourite colour is purple. To me, purple is also a sensual and romantic colour which gives people a feeling of mystery. Purple can be a 'warm' or 'cool' colour- it is very versatile. I like to keep to myself very often, so I think the impression of myself that I leave on people is that of a mysterious person who has secrets unbeknownst to the outside world."

Congratulations to FION CHUA, L'Oreal will be in touch with you shortly :)

Consolation prize (I came up with this last minute, it goes to LISHAN for her entry:

"I'm choosing Pink Magic , it suits my personality because pink is one of my fave color which many of my friends know too
due to too much pink stuffs I have!! End up being quite girly hehe but I like ! Most important is that pink also
significant sweet and beauty , I'm currently at the stage of turning into a more femine lady shooing off tees and welcoming
dress. Pink shall be the perfect match to spice up the sweetness ! I want to have a sweet lady image always! hehes (-;"

I'll be in contact with you shortly with your mini token of appreciation! :)

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