Thursday, 22 July 2010

Physiogel Blogger Event

Huimin & I attended the Physiogel blogger event at Goodwood Park Hotel on Tuesday. Thanks to Ju Ann & Physiogel for the invitation!
We both agreed that it was one of the better events which we had attended because it was not only educational but also interactive due to some Q&A games we played.

Dr Mark Tang, consultant dermatologist at National Skin Center gave us a talk on the different layers of our skin and why keeping it hydrated is so important. He also mentioned about the types of moisturizers to use etc. Not all moisturizers are good for the skin. Some moisturizers are washed off the moment they come in contact with water and thus, the skin ends up getting more dehydrated.

So lipids and comeocytes form the top layer of our skin. And our lipid barrier has a protective function; it keeps germs away and prevents hydration. Our skin being the largest organ of the body, thus, it basically protects all of our internal organs. We need to ensure that this 'layer of protection' is in good condition. Did you know that sometimes the quality of our skin's health can also be an indicator as to what's happening within? Scary, right?!

When our skin's lipid barrier is weak, the skin is unable to retain its moisture. And then skin problems may arise. For example, in Singapore, the most common dry skin condition is Eczema; this is a skin condition that can affect one's quality of lifestyle. Some are unable to enjoy outdoor activities, wear cosmetics and so on.

Dr Tang described skin that is good and sufficiently moisturized like a newly laid brick wall. Whereas dehydrated skin will resemble a brick wall that has suffered years of corrosion and shows signs of cracks and missing bits. How does this happens?

We are often exposed to factors that can cause and aggravate skin dryness daily.
For example, the sun, wind and cold air. Recently, it has been really cold with all the long showers and thunder storms. I'm sure you would feel your skin feeling drier and tighter than before. Not only the weather elements are to be blamed but also prolonged exposure to air conditioning too. This is something most of us working in offices can't escape.

So what are the signs of dry skin?
1) Pain, discomfort, itchiness and stinging
2) Rough, scaling or wrinkles start to form
3) If left untreated, it becomes inflammed and this is when you need medical attention immediately!

Prevention is better than cure, so what is the ideal moisturizer?
It is one that should:

- Restore the skin lipid layers by mimicking and enhancing the skin's natural retention mechanism.
- Hydrates the skin to reduce water loss and keep skin moisturized.
- Suitable for sensitive skin: hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic
- Provide long-lasting moisturizing effect

And this is what Physiogel's products can do for your skin!
We had a 2nd speaker, a business manager from Physiogel; Mr Eugene who gave us an informative talk on their product range and why they are suitable.

Physiogel has an innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology that contains ceramide and other physiological lipids that mimic the lipids found in our skin!

Pardon the blurry photo as I've used my iphone for all photos!

And what's an event without a goodie bag?
We each got to bring home this:

Really cute packaging!

Guess what's inside?

So generous of them to let us try out these products, I really can't wait!
By the way, my skin's hydration level is only 49 :(
The passing mark is 70! Which means my skin is pretty dehydrated...

Anyway, do check out their PHYSIOGEL REPAIR WEBSITE
You can now get yourself a travel pack to try out for FREE and also share it with your friends about it too at MOISTURIZE A FRIEND

Physiogel can be found at these stores, do check it out HERE to see if there's one near you?


Ju Ann said...

hihi!! Thanks for coming!!

The goodie bag is awesome right!! I am enjoying mine as well haha ;)

Miss C said...

Yup, the goodie bag is great!
Thanks for the invitation too :)

Musicplayson said...

I didn't know you went too! Hahaha. :D Means it's the second time we "met" at the L'Oreal HIP event. Haha.

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