Sunday, 18 July 2010

Laneige Perfect Renew Skin Trial

I love Laneige products especially their essence!
I've tried the water bank essence & hydra solution essence and I'm totally digging it.
I got to try out the Perfect Renew Skin range awhile back but totally forgotten to blog about it.

The Perfect Renew range is recommended for those concerned with anti-aging, those aged 25 and above can consider this range.
There are a total of 6 products in this range, however, I only got to sample 5.
So yup, I'll just be sharing my views on those 5 which I'd tried.

Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

Skin refiner with immdeiate wake-up effect
Skin Types : ALL SKIN
Size : 120ml

This is the toner which I don't really fancy because it felt quite sticky after application. And I can get really anal about stickiness. This is probably cause unlike other toners/softeners, this is a gel-type liquid. However, it does help soften and prep the skin for your moisturizer well enough. It contains hyaluronic acid and oligosaccharides to keep skin supple and firm.


Perfect Renew Emulsion

Highly concentrated emulsion with immediate absorption
Skin Types : ALL SKIN
Size : 100ml

This is probably my favorite product in the range!
Got the item desc online:
"Ceramaid repair water fills up between dead cells and addressing dryness, a cause of aging, and helping effective elements be absorbed deep into the skin.
Biosacharide gum forms a coated layer on the outler layer of skin, giving double moisturizing effect. It allows smooth and moist skin everyday.
Himalaya Snow Water that contains abundant snow minerals provides nutrition and vitality to the skin and realizes the transparent and pure skin from deep inside of skin."

The solution is slightly runny but it gets absorbed really quick after application.
Leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft to touch.
Makeup goes on smoothly after usage too. And sometimes I also use this as my night moisturizer too. I think it still gives me sufficient hydration and thus, this is my star product of this range.


Perfect Renew Essence

Essence that prevents premature aging and helps your complexion look more contoured
Skin Types : ALL SKIN
Size : 40ml

This was not bad either, texture very similar to the emulsion.
Both were easily absorbed by the skin. And best of all, no stickiness or oily feel after application. It's unique anti-aging ingredients list of almond, pomegranate and cocoa extracts ensures that skin stays supple, firm and radiant.


Perfect Renew Cream

Cream that instantly prevents signs of premature aging
Skin Types : ALL SKIN
Size : 50ml

This goes on at night in place of the emulsion. Unlike the emulsion, it is richer and more concentrated. You can feel the difference upon application.
However, like the rest of the products, it is quickly absorbed in by the skin.
I've used this for several nights and found that my skin felt dewy and hydrated when I woke up the next day. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and sugar cane extracts, this night cream ensures skin stays supple and moisturized.

What I don't like is that it's in a jar and that's a sure 100% possibility of contamination. Furthermore, frequent opening of the jar will results in more air entering it; valuable ingredients will quickly become unstable and ineffective. Besides, using a spatula is quite a hassle too. Hence, I try to stay clear of skincare products in a jar.

I like this but minus 1 heart for the packaging...


Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes

Eye cream with double care fo the eye area during night and day
Skin Types : ALL SKIN
Size : 15ml+15ml

First thing that caught my eye for this product was the cute packaging which resembled a contact lenses case. It comes with a spatula too and you know how I pretty much hate using one. One side is for night application while the other side is for day application, and it comes with SPF25/PA++ to protect eye areas from UVA and UVB rays. It also contains beta-glucan which stimulates collagen formation to promote elasticity and firmness around the eye area. While gold pearl powder brightens up the eyes.

Unfortunately, I have not been using it too often to see results but then again, it is not clogging and doesn't give my eyes millia/oil seeds. Now, that is a good thing, ain't it?


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