Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hada-Labo Hydrating Lotion Review

Hada-Labo's best seller is their hydrating lotion.

It's currently available at Watsons Stores.
Thanks to Fr3b & Hada-Labo, I got one to try out.

As per instructions, I used my hands instead of a cotton pad.
In fact, there's a unique way of applying this hydrating lotion as I've found out.
You have to pat it and press against your skin lightly so that it gets absorbed. A few drops would be sufficient.

Check out their ad below to see the right method to apply it:

Interesting, isn't it? Like some, I found this rather sticky.
So my initial reaction was not too pleasant. After patting around the face for awhile, the stickiness subsided. It gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly.

I have also read in some forums that many have gotten bumps from this product.
I'm wondering if it's not suitable for Singaporean skin?
Maybe it's too rich for our skin or even cause we live in such a humid climate?
I really don't know.

But this is highly raved overseas like Japan and even Taiwan. You can watch the 女人我最大 below, one is sold every 4 seconds!

Some even use it on their hair! OMG! Because it gives so much moisture!
You can also use around your eyes too.
I just applied it on my neck as well... Haha.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna monitor and see if it gives me bumps or not.
But for now, my first impression is 4 hearts!

Quick updates as of 20/07/2010:
- No bumps for me
- I'm using it on my neck and face now


You can grab your samples here:

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