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Aqualabel by Shiseido available in Singapore now! Price list included

Aqualabel, a renowned and popular skincare range that is currently available in Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, Malaysia & Indonesia have made their way to the shores of Singapore.

We now can also reap the benefits which these products have given other women around the globe. The soft launch is on at Watsons Tampines Mall & Watsons Ngee Ann City. I am hoping that they will be at Jurong Point soon. Come 12th July, Monday, Aqualabel will be available at more selected watsons stores.

Anyway, what is Aqualabel?
Aqua: Water Source
Label: A brand
And Aqualabel is a promise to keep skin moist.
For beautiful & healthy skin, it should be sufficiently hydrated.

Aqualabel is the brainchild of whitening pioneer Shiseido, and it being priced so affordable. I say, Aqualabel is skincare that's bang for your buck!

Aqualabel uses a unique key ingredient called AQUA SYNERGY that blends easily with both water and oil, thus, powerfully forcing moisture and effective ingredients into your skin while softening it at the same time.



There are 3 ranges for Aqualabel to suit 3 categories of skin issues:


Key ingredients:
M-tranexamic Acid - Also found in Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum! This helps with the dark spots...
Saxifrage Extract & Peony Extract - Improve overall facial clarity
Aqua Synergy - What we read above ;)
Moist Aqua Keeping Base - This helps to pump up skin & keeps it hydrated and moisturized!

Whats available in this range?

Deep Clear Cleansing Oil - S$18.50 for 150ML
White Clear Foam - S$16.90 for 130g

White Up Lotion (S or R) - S$26.90 for 130g

White Up Emulsion (S or R) - S$29.90 for 130ml
White Up Cream (S or R) - S$31.50 for 30g

Enhancer - S$26.90 for 130ml (Cosmopolitan China Beauty Award 2007)
Bright White Ex - S$35.50 for 45ml
Reset White Mask - S$24.90 for 4 sheets

White Protect Milk UV SPF30 PA++ - S$26.90 for 40ml
Perfect Protect Milk UV SPF50 PA+++ - S$28.90 for 45ml

White Up Base SPF 25 PA+ - S$24.90 for 40ml
White Liquid Foundation - S$25.50 for 25g
White Powder Foundation - S$28.50 for 11.5g (Case & refill sold seperately)


Key ingredients:
Collagen Glycerin - Keeps skin supple and youthful looking.
Apricot Extract - Promotes the production of natural moisturizing factors.
Aqua Synergy - What we read above ;)
Moist Aqua Keeping Base - This helps to pump up skin & keeps it hydrated and moisturized!

Creamy Oil Cleansing - S$17.50 for 110g
Milky Mousse Foam - S$15.90 for 130g

Moisture Lotion (S or R) - S$24.90 for 200ml

Moisture Emulsion (S or R) - S$27.90 for 200ml
Moisture Cream (S or R) - S$29.50 for 200ml

Enhancer - S$24.90 for 110g
Moisture Net Essence - S$29.90 for 26g
There are 3 types but I can't recall all; only remember HA which is for undereyes!
I'm gonna get that and I will review once I've tried it.
Moist Charge Mask - S$22.90 for 4 sheets

Moisture Protect Milk UV SPF28 PA++ - S$24.90 for 50ml

Moist Coat Essence - S$27.90
It is something like ZA Pore Smoother, do check out my review on that too!


Key ingredients:
Winter Begonia & Glycerin - Prevents acne, keeps skin hydrated and supple.
Glycyrrhizin acid - Soothes inflammation of acne.
Vitamin C Derivatives - Inhibits melanin and lightens scars.
Aqua Synergy - What we read above ;)
CE Maturation Promoting Ingredient - Creates a strong moisturizing environment for skin & strengthens its barrier functions.

White AC Lotion - S$26.90
White AC Emulsion - S$29.90
White AC Essence - S$29.90 - This is a spot treatment for your acne

You can combine the above with any cleanser & softener from the other 2 ranges.

Stay tuned for my review on 5 Aqualabel products which I will try out soon :)

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