Saturday, 31 July 2010

Queen of BB Creams - Skin79 Diamonds Preview

Held at The Icing Room @ 313 yesterday, I had fun 'playing' with the various products and am already planning what to get on my next trip to Watsons. >.<

Firstly, I'm new to Skin79 and this is the 1st time I'm attending their preview.

It was an eye-opening experience for me as I hardly use BB cream now.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Award-winning ZA & Majolica Majorca products at SALE prices at Watsons! Check out Aqualabel too :)

Just got one of Watson's EDMs in my inbox.
And I thought of sharing it...



Remember to get your enhancer if you have not!
My little entry on Aqualabel here. Do check it out!

Majolica Majorca


Woohoo! The award-winning glitter auto liner, lengthening mascara & eye shadow quad at attractively low prices now!
And there's also a nail art freebie with every purchase.



Their star products available at a discount.
Do remember to check out the famous 2-way foundation!
Previous entries on ZA products available HERE.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

SANA Natural Resource Makeup Range Review

Thanks to SampleStore & SANA, I got to try out this newly launched makeup range.

This is a continuation from my previous entry on their skincare range.

Taken from their website, this is a very informative flow chart of how you can incorperate the SANA Natural Resource Makeup range into your daily regime. Click HERE for chart

Makeup Bases

There's a total of three shown on the site:

For dry skin

Price: S$34.90

For those concerned with redness

Price: S$28.90

For those with discoloration

Price: S$29.90

The one I had gotten to try out was the 1st one as shown directly above.
I find the texture creamy and smooth, just like my Maybelline Angelfit Zeropore Base.
Application was a breeze without leaving any sticky after-feel.
It is light-weight and spreads evenly before 'disappearing' on your skin.

Bare skin:


It's SPF19 and PA++ so pretty sufficient enough for the working office lady who only exposes her face to the merciless sun rays before work, during lunch and after work.
This seems like a promising product so far.

After applying the base:



Price: S$22.90

This is not like the usual concealers I'm so used to having. Like for example, my ZA concealer.

I apply using the tip of finger as a spot concealer to cover up facial blemishes such as a mole or pimple scar that is not fading as quickly as I want it to.



I must say I'm pretty impressed with the coverage and it does not irritate the skin at all. Some concealers clog pores and I am wary about putting something like that on recovering pimples.


Price: S$28.90

I was not given a sample of this to try, hopefully I would when I return to their office next month for my follow up review.


Take your pick! Liquid or 2-way?
Both come in 4 shades each so you can ensure that there's one suited for your skintone.

Price: S$39.90

Price: S$38.90
Refill Price: S$26.90

I was given the powder to try as I hardly use liquid foundation. I'm a ZA 21/22 and I was given shade number 3 to use. The powder is really fine and sheer. So don't expect a whole load of coverage. But it still works reasonably well if you use a concealer along with it.


It looks pretty dark right? But doesn't appear to be when applied.
However, still very confusing for me cause I won't have picked this shade if I were shopping for foundation on my own.


Personally, I find it more natural-looking.
You won't be caught dead looking like a 7th month Getai singer with this foundation.



Price: S$39.90

This is enriched with rose water that has been carefully distilled and extracted from one of the most fragrance flowers. I love the big, fluffy giant puff that helps set my entire makeup.

As I had only received 4 of the makeup items to try, I will not be able to comment on the rest of the products.
However, I hope to be able to review the rest if they do give me some to try...

You too can get these products for FREE to try them out but participating in the SANA Natural Resource Challenge. Please click HERE for details!

For a review on their skincare range, do read my previous entry

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Congrats to Aqualabel, ZA & Majolica Majorca

AQUALABEL has been awarded “The Next Big Brand” Award by WATSONS!
Read my entry on AQUALABEL!

It's other sister brands; Za and Majolica Majorca, were also not to be outdone, bagging a few awards of their own.
Presenting the list of awards swept by Shiseido company:

Best Selling Lengthening Mascara
Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus

Best Selling Glittery Eye Liner
Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

Best Selling Quad Eyeshadow
Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes

Best Selling Brow Liner
Za Ever Brow Liner


Best Selling Concealer
Za Concealer Perfection

credits: carhaticexpressions

Review HERE
I love this concealer and have replenished twice so far :)

Best Selling Whitening Foundation
Za True White Two-way Foundation

Review HERE
It's no secret why this foundation won. Almost everyone I know has used it at least once. It's a hot favorite among the ladies for being an affordable, quality product!

Best Selling Two-way Foundation
Za Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation

This was unveiled by ZA just recently only and I'd attended the workshop with Huimin.
Do check out my previous entry on this HERE

Special thanks to Shiseido too, I'll get a chance to try the products mentioned above. I'm really excited to try those which I've not used before and share my reviews here :)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Little goodie bag giveaway

As promised earlier on, this is for LISHAN for participating in the L'oreal $50 Hamper Giveaway

Just a small token of appreciation for her wonderful entry :)
Sorry babe for the delay in mailing it out, will do so this weekend.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Mentholatum Acnes 3 Step Kit Review

Thanks to Fr3b & Mentholatum Corp, I got to sample their Acnes 3 Step Kit.

You can grab your trial sample pack here FREE!

Mentholatum Acnes Series is designed for those unfortunately plauged with acne-prone skin. It enhances the skin's resistance and creates healthier skin that prevents acne, pimple scars and visible pores.

Their products can be found at Watsons stores and are relatively affordable.
There are a total of 3 products in this kit:


This cleanser has been reviewed before.

Price: S$6.90

Read about it HERE

To date, I am still using and loving it. The cleanser is creamy and has a medicated scent with a tinge of refreshing lemon; not dish-washing lemon. I think it does its part in keeping my skin pimple-free and also, it is gentle enough; it does not strip my skin off its natural moisture after washing. I have recommended this to friends and they love it too.


Step 2: TONE

Price: S$6.90

Powder lotion not shaken yet:

After a good shake:

Their toner comes in a form of an oil-absorbing powder lotion.
Really interesting product as it's powder in a lotion, you gotta shake the bottle well before usage.

Like the cleanser, it is enriched with Vitamin C and E to keep skin healthy, soft and moisturized. It is recommended that you use this with a cotton pad and pat over your face after cleansing.

Some may not like the medicated smell of this product but it is still bearable for me.
The powder did help with my oil control but I also found it rather drying. It left a slightly tingling feeling after application.

Rated: .5

Step 3: TREAT

Price: S$8.95

This is the sealing jell which is more like a treatment product than a moisturizer.
I think if you usually peel after using anti-acne products as they tend to be more drying, please use your usual moisturizer after these three products.

The sealing jell contains Triclosan which is an anti-bacterial that prevents acne from forming. While sulfur unclogs pores and promotes healing of acne, it also contains vitamin E and B6 to prevent dry and rough skin.

As of the moment, I do not have any visible pimples. I cannot put this product to test. I shall update this post in time to come.

Quick update as of 29/07:
Promising product, I tried it on a zit... Though it didn't work wonders like BP 2.5%, it was decent enough. I guess those who find BP 2.5% too harsh can try this out. Pretty decent product that is quite promising.


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