Monday, 3 May 2010

Shills Liquid Foundation - DO NOT BUY! Waste of money!

I grabbed this by mistake as I was blindly searching for a BB cream.
Actually, I was supposed to get a makeup primer.
I don't even know why I was shopping at the Shills BB cream section for that.

Anyway, I had unwittingly presumed that they were all BB creams.
Alas, bad luck was upon me, I had to grab the only liquid foundation there.
My naggy other half was hurrying me and I knew I wouldn't be coming down here again.

So yes, it was a lesson that cost me S$14.90.
And thankfully, it was on sale! Else it would have cost me $29.90.
I could have gotten The Body Shop's new makeup base with that amount of money.

Firstly, unlike normal liquid foundations, this one was way too watery.
I left it to stand overnight and half of the bottle had this translucent liquid while the bottom half was beige in color.
I think the solvent was WAY too much.
Hence, the liquid comes out really runny.

And the packaging is nice to look at but totally useless.
It comes with a spray nozzle that squirts out the foundation not only on your targeted area but everywhere as well.
It was a messy affair with this foundation.

On the main reseller, Beauty Bistro's website, I've gathered that it's useful in concealing fine lines. I think it's useful for nothing.
It was not doing its job of a basic foundation, much less could it do anything else.

I threw it out as the mere sight of the bottle on my dresser only made my blood boil.
And did I mention that it stinks too??

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