Sunday, 30 May 2010 has BAD customer service

I know I'm supposed to be taking time off this blog.
But I'm just sooooo pissed off with that I had to blog about this most unfortunate incident!

Firstly, I had joined a spree through one of those livejournal spree communities in May this month.
I've gotten my order: Nature's Bounty Collagen, Hydrolyzed with Vitamin C 90 ea

And I've been stocking up on these since probably 2008 without any issues.
However, this time round, I received OLD EXPIRING STOCK from them.
It's really upsetting, given that the current bottle I have which I'm consuming
is of the NEW packaging and will expire only in 03/2012.

My latest batch are OLD STOCK which comes in the OLD packaging and will expire 6 FREAKING MONTHS FROM NOW! It is indeed insanely, utterly ridiculous!

Check it out:

Green bottle on left will expire in 03/2012 & I had gotten it 1 year ago.
Dark brown bottle on right will expire in 11/2010 & I had just gotten them this month.

I'm terribly upset as I had bought these with the intention of stocking up. is US-based, I don't conduct these sprees aka bulk purchases on my own since I hardly have the time. And hence, I usually just grab 2 bottles each time I'm down to my last bottle so that I can stock them up.

Now, here's what says:

"In response to your email, many of our products are not meant to have a long shelf life and are shipped to us by the manufacturer with expiration dates of less than one year. will ship non-food items at least six months prior to their expiration date. Most food items will be shipped at least four months prior to their expiration. Important exceptions are organic or natural foods, which, due to the nature of their contents and shorter shelf life, will be shipped at least two months prior to their expiration."

Just great! A copy-and-paste model answer from their customer service handbook?

What food item? How can you classify vitamins/supplements loosely as food items!?!
Dissatisfied, I pushed them to give me a reasonable and logical explanation.
And then they try to get me off their backs with this:

"Unfortunately, at this time we show no recent orders on the account that corresponds with the e-mail address you have provided. If your order was placed in a different account, please write to us from the e-mail address that is currently associated with your account and we will be happy to look further into this matter for you. Due to security concerns we are not able to accommodate requests when the request is originated from an email address other than the one associated with your account."

I have mentioned previously that I did not place the order myself but through a third party(The spree organizer who pools purchases to order off so that we all can save on shipping). This was via a spree. So anyway, I had managed to get my spree organizer to email them.

And once again, they couldn't resist using the customer service model answer booklet again:

"We apologize that we are unable to provide more specific information about the shelf life for our products. We are constantly replenishing our stock with newer product from the manufacturers. Therefore, the expiry dates for our inventory will change frequently.

We will ship non-food items at least six months prior to their expiration date. Most food items will be shipped at least four months prior to their expiration, but there are two important exceptions. Organic or natural foods, due to the nature of their contents and shorter shelf life, will be shipped at least two months prior to their expiration. Perishable items are prepared fresh for each order, and may require special handling.

Never mind about that, check out the first paragraph.
Their inventory changes frequently, ahhh contradicting, isn't it?

This is the OLD STOCK I had gotten, even the batch number screams OLD:


Compare it with the new stock I had received a year ago:

BATCH 03C! Such a BIG difference!

I'm still waiting for a satisfactory response to as why I am receiving OLD stock.
All they do now is to try to justify that they are not in the wrong and that food items are 'shipped at least four months prior to their expiration'...

Any pharmacies/drug stores in town carries only vitamins and supplements that are expiring within 4-6 months? Obviously not. So who are they trying to kid?!


UPDATES as of 31/5 3.33PM

Finally, their CS team lead steps in to resolve the issue.
An explanation finally!

"First off, I would like to sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience associated with the Nature's Bounty Collagen, Hydrolyzed with Vitamin C that was included with this order. From what you explained, it sounds as if we received a return of this merchandise from another customer and when it was received back, the returned merchandise was placed at the front of the shelf in its appropriate location at our warehouse.

I can certainly understand your concern, especially since the manufacturer has updated the product. As such, to resolve this matter for you, I have create a no charge order to have two new bottles of Nature's Bounty Collagen, Hydrolyzed with Vitamin C sent along to you and will request that our warehouse manually pick newer stock with an expiration date with is further out. Please do not worry about returning the merchandise received; you may dispose of it at your convenience

Not really good phrasing above there. "as if"? It seems like I'm accusing them of having sent me returned goods. I merely said old stock. Now I know it's worst, I'm getting SOMEONE's REJECTED OLD STOCK. Urgh...

They're also sending me FREE replacements to shut me up. That's nice but kinda troublesome since it's going straight to the spree organizer's vpost account and not mine. Sigh. But anyway, thought appreciated and I'm glad that this awful ordeal is finally over.

However, it's gonna take some time for me to get back to spreeing with again.

UPDATES as of 02/6 7.08PM

Ok, so after seeking help on their facebook page, I've managed to get their mktg/social media personnel to help intervene and ta-da:

"We wanted to write again to apologize for any inconvenience and confirm that we have refunded in full for the two vitamin bottles and sent over two new bottles at no charge. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. It's these types of issues that we hope customers bring to our attention, so that we can continually improve on our processes. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do."

Very kind gesture on their part.
Ok, apology accepted.
Hopefully, I'll have NO MORE such issues with them again.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Shills Liquid Foundation - DO NOT BUY! Waste of money!

I grabbed this by mistake as I was blindly searching for a BB cream.
Actually, I was supposed to get a makeup primer.
I don't even know why I was shopping at the Shills BB cream section for that.

Anyway, I had unwittingly presumed that they were all BB creams.
Alas, bad luck was upon me, I had to grab the only liquid foundation there.
My naggy other half was hurrying me and I knew I wouldn't be coming down here again.

So yes, it was a lesson that cost me S$14.90.
And thankfully, it was on sale! Else it would have cost me $29.90.
I could have gotten The Body Shop's new makeup base with that amount of money.

Firstly, unlike normal liquid foundations, this one was way too watery.
I left it to stand overnight and half of the bottle had this translucent liquid while the bottom half was beige in color.
I think the solvent was WAY too much.
Hence, the liquid comes out really runny.

And the packaging is nice to look at but totally useless.
It comes with a spray nozzle that squirts out the foundation not only on your targeted area but everywhere as well.
It was a messy affair with this foundation.

On the main reseller, Beauty Bistro's website, I've gathered that it's useful in concealing fine lines. I think it's useful for nothing.
It was not doing its job of a basic foundation, much less could it do anything else.

I threw it out as the mere sight of the bottle on my dresser only made my blood boil.
And did I mention that it stinks too??

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