Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dr Foot Pro @ Citibella - WASTE OF MONEY & TIME

It says: Instant results after 1st treatment: BULLSHIT!

I paid $48 (First-timer promotional price) for the Dr Foot Pro treatment at Citibella.
Seriously, after watching the video above.
Don't you feel a single bit tempted to try it out?
Well, I did since I was facing the darn TV screen watching it replay continuously as I was having my manicure done.

I went for mine,left immensely disappointed and with feet no different from the day before the visit to Citibella.
I felt cheated and hence, I am writing this entry to make sure noone else gets tricked by what they see in the advert.

From 1:04 to 2:05 of the video, you can see that the beautician slowly scraps off the calluses and dead skin. Mine was a few quick ticklish scraps from top to bottom after she removed the layer of goo left behind by the Dr Foot Pro preparation sheets with the scrapping tool.

It was done so quickly, I was left there thinking "WTF? Done already?!?"
Is this why Citibella disallows comments to be placed in their YouTube video?
Afraid of backlash from unhappy & dissatisfied customers like me?

Anyway, IIRC, the actual price is much more expensive. Like SGD70-100+ over.
Talk about daylight robbery for something that does not even work.

I'm also putting off getting my manicures done there.
Their staff's skills are mediocre and I can definitely get more bang for my money elsewhere.

To get the record straight, I'm upset with Citibella's service.
I'm sure if the Dr Foot Pro treatment was administered by another beauty salon with experienced professionals; the results & overall experience would have been different.

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