Saturday, 13 March 2010

Style-Vs-Style: DANCE OFF TODAY!

It's happening TODAY, folks!
Be there or be square!!!

When? 13th March 2010, tomorrow!
Where? Outdoor space in front of Takashimaya entrance
Time? 4pm

Sunday, 7 March 2010

L'oreal Paris Style vs Style: Slicks & Streets hit the road!

In an awareness raising event for the Style-vs-style dance off, both the Slicks & Streets took off to the hip areas of Singapore to spread the word.

The slicks got to travel around in a really cool-looking Mini Cooper Cabriolet while the streets got all hip cruising around with their Vespas. Did any of you spotted them out there?

They were in the vinictiy of Tampines, Bugis and Plaza Singapura; giving out button badges, discount coupons for Watsons!! Gosh, I wish I was there to witness this exciting sight!

Anyway, to catch the talents in person, remember they will be in town TOMORROW along the whole stretch of Orchard Road. I'm guessing probably doing the same stuff.
Arm yourself with a camera & remember to support your favorite group!

The website to visit for more information about STYLE VS STYLE is HERE

Friday, 5 March 2010

Silk Whitia Mask Review: Strawberry & Peach Organic Masks

I'm a convert after trying some in the organic range.
There's also a Kiwi in the range.
So far, I've only tried the strawberry & peach ones.

Firstly, the masks have a great fruity scent which I love alot!
Nothing artificial or musky-smelling :)
And each individually packed mask is practically dripping with the mask essence.
You can use the excess essence on your neck, arms and legs if you find it a waste to just discard.

The strawberry one is mainly a whitening mask whereas the peach one is a hydrating mask.
Both masks contain vitamin B1,B2 and C.
However, the peach one has plant protein extract which is useful in retaining the skin's moisture.

On the back of the mask sheet, it states that you must rinse off after using the mask.
This may seem weird since we usually do not rinse off after masking, in hope of retaining as much of the masks essence on our skin.
But if you do not, you'll end up with a film of dried up mask essence on your face the next day.
So yes, the instructions are there for a reason.

I found my skin color lightened immediately after using the strawberry one.
Of cus, it is a temporal effect only but perhaps after more usage, my skin tone may even out. Yes, I'm quite hopeful about that.

Rating both masks:

Silk Whitia Organic Strawberry whitening Mask and Peach Water-binding Organic Mask can be found at SASA. Usual price is S$5.90 a sheet but they usually have promotions and I stock up only when each mask is going for S$1.76-1.99/piece.

Monday, 1 March 2010

HER WORLD Glass House Event : ZA Makeovers

In celebration of Her World's 50TH anniversary, they will be holding a bunch of activities at an uber cool glass house; that is mobile!
Because it's mobile; the Her World Glass House team will be travelling island-wide & setting up this glass house with goodies for all!
Be treated to exclusive Her World Merchandise, promotions and free coffee.

One of the highlights would be the Natural silky perfect skin with ZA makeover!

Transform skin into natural silky perfection with Za makeover at $15 per person, fully redeemable for products. (Grab the new foundation! I've blogged about it HERE OR the pore smoother! Check out my review HERE)

Be the first 50 to sign up for this makeover and receive an exclusive
three-piece travel kit worth $15! Learn from the experts on how to achieve spring’s latest looks.

Find out how to look fabulously perfect with makeup application techniques
and tips from Za beauty school professionals in an interactive session @ $18* per person, fully redeemable.

* Fully redeemable for ZA products.
Appointments through 6739-8671. on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please refer to for session timings and more details.
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