Sunday, 28 February 2010

L'Oreal Paris StudioLine Presents: Style Vs Style - Pick your Style

Sorry folks for taking so long to update.
I've been busy with work and other commitments...
Growing up sure ain't fun.

Anyway, previously, I'd blogged about the Slicks vs Streets.
So if you wanna see if you're a Slick or Streets, do read both entries and go through the checklist!

So now, let me introduce the Streets.
I believe that from the label itself "Streets", it should be pretty easy to
guess what type of style it embodies.

So ta-daaaa! Let's go through the characteristics of a Yo-yo Street dude/dudette.

You know you’re Street if you:

1)Must have some color in your clothes – and your life

2) Dress up by throwing on the T-shirt with the drawn-on tie

I say, throw on some drawn-on suspenders too! This is ultra cute!

3) Think Michael Jackson IS God

4) Have a hairdo that takes everything you throw at it – and bounces right back

5) Secretly covet the Darth Vader Tracksuit top from the Adidas Originals Star Wars collection

Think the meltdown of the financial system is symptomatic of global warming

credits:mikeely wordpress

So now that you've seen both checklists, which STYLE are you?
It should be pretty simple, else hop on to STYLE VS STYLE & check out the dance videos.





Something exciting is HAPPENING this coming weekend, 6th & 7th MARCH 2010!
Do catch the Slicks and Streets @ Lot1, West Mall, Jurong Point on the 6th and the whole stretch along Orchard Road on the 7th!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Style Vs Style : Pick your Style

So as we all know from my previous blog post that there will be a dance-off happening RIGHT here in Singapore on 13th March 2010.
However, at where? This is a question which noone has an answer to yet.
So do stick around to find out!

Anyway, here's the 2 teams that will face each other in Singapore's highly-anticipated first ever dance-off of 2010!

Featuring the Slicks vs the Streets - two very diverse opposites of style meet together to compete at one dance-off where everyone has a say in who is the ultimate winner.

So what's SLICK? What are the main elements which this style encompasses?
According to the SLICK checklist, you know you’re Slick if you…

1) Get turned off by bad grammar

Oh well, kind of but sometimes I'm as guilty as charged for the very same thing that irks me out =X

2) Like to dress formally in classic monochrome

I would say I'm more of a minimalist. I prefer simple, clean cuts in my outfits.
It used be so plain but of late, I'm starting to dress them up alittle with accessories. Just a necklace or earrings... No cluttering for me.

3) Rank Tom Ford alongside God

God?? No. Talent? Yes.
Oh by the way, that suit's has a lean clean cutting & color to die for.
Baby could do with something like that for our wedding.

I also dig the naughty ads by Tom Ford that pushes the limit of advertising for the general public. Lots of skin and just 1 item like a perfume bottle?
That's really minimal...

4) Tell others that if you want spiky hair, you’d wear a
durian shell on your head

Durians are smelly!!!

5) Secretly admire the horizontal stripes of Michael Douglas’ shirt in “Wall Street”

Erm darling, if I recall correctly, they are vertical stripes.
Horizontal stripes on a formal shirt = bad news.

6) Abhor beatboxing: someone should stop all that violence
to cardboard cartons

This one is funny but I'm no goon. But beat-boxing is definitely something really 'Street' style.

I may not be 100% SLICK but I personally feel that I can identify more with this style. I'll introduce the STREETS style in my next L'Oreal Paris Style Vs Style entry.

Anyway, for those who have yet to drop by the website, do remember to do so!


It's really cool and they even have this Hot or Not section for the closet judgmental style cop in each one of us, where you get to vote YEY or NAY in there.

Friday, 12 February 2010

ZA Skin Beauty Workshop - Unveiling a new Queen in foundation

HM & I attended this ZA introductory workshop where they unveiled the new Queen in foundation! How exciting, isn't it? Knowing that most of us grew up using ZA.
And my first foundation & pressed powder were both from ZA!

And because the consumers have grown up, ZA also decided to have a name change from just ZA to ZA-cosmetics. It's like symbolic to showing how the brand has also grown and matured over the years along with it's faithful fans.

I know there are many fans out there using their current foundation in the blue casing (I'm using it too!):

My review on the blue casing foundation can be found HERE

But fret not. It's not like it's gonna be discontinued or what.
They have simply revamped the whole product and now, it is new and improved foundation. Isn't that cool!?

Presenting the new Queen in foundation:

We got to try it on for ourselves but we had to remove our makeup first.
So they had us try out the Cleansemax MU remover which I already have from the previous Glow Magazine review buy yet to use.

You could either rinse it off or just clean off with tissue or cotton pads.
Surprisingly, it left my skin feeling soft after that. Not what I had expected out of a makeup remover.

Next, we got to try their ZA Dewy Effect Lotion & Emulsion.
I personally bought the ZA Dewy Effect Creamy Gel but have yet to start on that too.
(Urghhh... I'm a skincare hoarder and you can read all about it HERE) I also have the trial sized for the above two of which I hope to finish sampling before I can blog about it.

By the way, did you know that the emulsion was for day use while the creamy gel was more for night usage? No?? Haha, well, I didn't have a clue either but you check my previous blog post on that too over HERE

OK, enough of side-tracking and back to the foundation...
Personally, I find it more natural-looking then the previous one. It goes on smoothly just like the blue one. However, if you have marks to conceal, you may wanna cover then use the ZA concealer before applying the powder. Because I think the coverage is not that heavy; hence, as mentioned, it gives a very natural finish.

I think the ZA concealer is really good; it's reasonably-priced, handy and works well for me! You can check out my review HERE In fact, I bought it after trying it out at a ZA workshop!

As you can see below, the new foundation will still have the same 8 shades to pick from. I'm like an in between shade #21 and #22. #22 is alil too dark for me while #21 may be alil light but I took #21 anyway. I rather look slightly fairer than darker.
It makes no sense to have a darker face than neck, right?

On top of the skin-loving properties that the previous foundation had like the SPF20 PA++, vitamin E etc... This one boasts of newly-added properties!

I had gotten the following information from ZA cosmetic's Facebook page.

1) Luminous Powder

A plate-like powder that helps to reflect light from your skin at all angles, just like a mirror! The result: Radiant, glowing skin!

2) Poreless Powder

Aspherically-shaped powder to instantly smoothen uneven areas and open pores for a smooth and flawless complexion!

3) Hyaluronic Acid

A strong moisturising ingredient to plump up skin and keep it hydrated. (A well-hydrated skin is key to a successful base makeup!)luminous powder.

Anyway, if you can't wait to get your hands on this new foundation.
It'll be launched in Watsons islandwide on 25th Feb 2010.
So do remember to mark your calendar!

Retail prices as follows:

Skin Beauty 2-way foundation case : $9.90
Skin Beauty 2-way foundation refill: $20.50

Yup, instead of selling the case with the refill included as previously.
They are now selling the case and refill separately.

Oops and I forgot to mention that we each got to bring home one to try out in this ultra funky hot pink pouch!

Rating for workshop:

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Style Vs Style by L'OREAL PARIS

Remember the movies Step Up and Step Up 2?
And the dance-offs which had the crowd revving for more??
Seriously how cool is that!
And the brains behind this fantastic event are none other than L'Oreal Paris.

Well, we're gonna have something like that in Singapore!
Gosh, I'm so excited because something that cool usually happens like in the movies, in the states or whatever but not Singapore XD
So mark your calendar for 13th MARCH 2010!
And be prepared to relive the moments of Step Up in our very own localized style.

Meanwhile, go check out STYLE VS STYLE
I'll be back with more!

Skin MD Shielding Lotion

I've received my Skin MD Shielding Lotion!
And I think it would come in handy in the office where it is air-conditioned
and hence, would cause our skin to lose moisture and get dehydrated easily.

I will update again once I've tried it over a period of time :)
Do stay tuned!

Meanwhile, do check out their website over HERE
They do ship to Singapore!♥

Monday, 8 February 2010

Short Hiatus

Apologies for the lack of updates.
I've been pretty busy with my life and an upcoming wedding.
However, I'll try to catch up on my blog posts during the CNY holidays :)
Stay tuned, folks & here's wishing all readers a HAPPY TIGER YEAR 2010!

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