Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sunsilk's range for damaged hair

Just an update on my previous post

I've not tried EVERYTHING yet but I've finished up the shampoo and conditioner.
Being the typical lazy bum, I am so used to using only shampoo daily.
And this has caused my chemically-treated hair to become dry and coarse over time.
So I forced myself to start on the conditioner.

And though it didn't turn my hair silky smooth, it did help alot with detangling it.
In the past, when I brushed my fingers through my hair, it would tangle up at the ends.
But now, I can do so even with a fine comb without much effort.
I guess my hair condition would improve when I use the hair mask and serum on top of the conditioner.

I'll update again when I've tried :)

Shampoo's rating: .5
Conditioner's rating:
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