Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bella Skin Care Facial Review - My penny wise pound foolish tale

I never had a usual facial place and was always on the go, trying out new places to review. This time, I saw an advert on the Flowerpod forum and thought I gave Bell a try since my girlfriend had been raving about them too.

It states there '$18 for microdermabrasion for 1st-timers'.
And yes, don't be fooled like I did.
You get only the microdermabrasion for $18 but you'll need to pay for the facial.
Because the treatment alone would last less than 15minutes and it did not make much sense to do a diamond peel (aka microdermabrasion) without the proper facial routine.

So I was told by the beauty advisor that there were 2 types of facial offered at Bella.
The basic one was $68+ and the more intensive one was $98+; being that it included an extra mask and the cold compressor.

I was having a breakout at the time of visit and the pretty advisor went on about my dull and uneven complexion, my clogged pores and dry skin. I felt like the ugliest thing on earth and was coaxed into trying the $98+ facial and adding the $18 for the sonic peeling. As she said my skin condition was dry, the sonic peeling would be more appropriate than the microdermabrasion. Anyway, I made an appointment for the day after and the whole facial was surprisingly not bad.

FIrstly, I was asked to inhale something, I think it was some aromatherapy thingy before the whole facial started. Next, the therapist did the usuals for a facial. She cleansed my face and followed up with a scrub before she had the steaming machine infront of my face. I like having my pores steamed but the procedure is kinda uncomfortable as I found it difficult to breathe.

But anyway, it did help open up the pores and allowed extraction to be almost painless. The first time I did not even tear at all! Amazing!
And she did the hand parafin wax for me too.

I can't remember the steps but I think the sonic peeling was done before the extraction. It's similar to the diamond peel, I think they use the same machine.
After that, I topped up another $68+ for the ampoule. Oh yes, this one is like daylight robbery and I wonder why was I so dumb to allow that to happen. But I guess cuz my face was 'rotting' and I believed every single word she said about the ampoule.

After the extraction, there was the mask and then the cold iron compressor and another mask if I recall correctly. They also tidied up my brows for me so all in all, yes, it's a pricey experience but I must admit that it was a pampering one too.

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