Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bella Skin Care Facial Review - My penny wise pound foolish tale

I never had a usual facial place and was always on the go, trying out new places to review. This time, I saw an advert on the Flowerpod forum and thought I gave Bell a try since my girlfriend had been raving about them too.

It states there '$18 for microdermabrasion for 1st-timers'.
And yes, don't be fooled like I did.
You get only the microdermabrasion for $18 but you'll need to pay for the facial.
Because the treatment alone would last less than 15minutes and it did not make much sense to do a diamond peel (aka microdermabrasion) without the proper facial routine.

So I was told by the beauty advisor that there were 2 types of facial offered at Bella.
The basic one was $68+ and the more intensive one was $98+; being that it included an extra mask and the cold compressor.

I was having a breakout at the time of visit and the pretty advisor went on about my dull and uneven complexion, my clogged pores and dry skin. I felt like the ugliest thing on earth and was coaxed into trying the $98+ facial and adding the $18 for the sonic peeling. As she said my skin condition was dry, the sonic peeling would be more appropriate than the microdermabrasion. Anyway, I made an appointment for the day after and the whole facial was surprisingly not bad.

FIrstly, I was asked to inhale something, I think it was some aromatherapy thingy before the whole facial started. Next, the therapist did the usuals for a facial. She cleansed my face and followed up with a scrub before she had the steaming machine infront of my face. I like having my pores steamed but the procedure is kinda uncomfortable as I found it difficult to breathe.

But anyway, it did help open up the pores and allowed extraction to be almost painless. The first time I did not even tear at all! Amazing!
And she did the hand parafin wax for me too.

I can't remember the steps but I think the sonic peeling was done before the extraction. It's similar to the diamond peel, I think they use the same machine.
After that, I topped up another $68+ for the ampoule. Oh yes, this one is like daylight robbery and I wonder why was I so dumb to allow that to happen. But I guess cuz my face was 'rotting' and I believed every single word she said about the ampoule.

After the extraction, there was the mask and then the cold iron compressor and another mask if I recall correctly. They also tidied up my brows for me so all in all, yes, it's a pricey experience but I must admit that it was a pampering one too.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Silkygirl 20% off at Guardian

Stock up on your silkygirl basics at Guardian now!
Most items going for 20% off if I am not wrong.
I stocked up on my fav Long-wearing Eyeliner in 02 Black Brown.
Usual price is S$8.90 but now it's going for S$7.12 due to the discount.

Win a trip to New York with Maybelline!

If you've not gotten your Maybelline Angelfit foundation & jewel sticker kit.
Then what are you waiting for!?!?
Right now, there's a contest in which you get to bling up your foundation case and also to travel to NY if yours is the winning entry.

This foundation which contains unique & special ingredients such as Chamomile Essence, Royal Jelly and Vitamin E, is said to be specially developed to suit Asian women's skin.

It's quite huge in Japan, with Miss Universe Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana as the endorser.

So what makes this foundation different from the rest?
Well, it boasts of revolutionary ultra-light 'micro thin oxy powders' that blends onto your skin perfectly regardless of the layers you pile on without giving you that cakey or patchy feeling. And it claims to even cover up flaws and is non-clogging to your pores as well. Sounds like a dream come true, yeah? :)

I can't wait to try it out but the shade I've got might be too dark.
I'm checking with Maybelline if I can use the OC3 (darkest shade) if I'm using W02 (not darkest shade) for their Pure Mineral powder. I know I look pretty tanned now but seriously, I am not sure if OC3 is really my shade.

Anyway, for details on how to join the contest for that awesome trip to NY, do check out the following:

Step 1: Bejewel your Angel Fit Two-Way Foundation casing with diamante stickers and make it one-of-a-kind!
You may use your own diamante stickers on top of those provided in the Dazzling Radiance set.

Step 2: Take a photo of your handicraft.

Step 3: Access Maybelline’s Dazzling Radiance Facebook Fan Page and complete the contest form here.

Step 4: Upload the photo to Maybelline’s Dazzling Radiance Facebook Fan Page. (Keep your receipt for purchase of Angel Fit Two-Way Foundation / Dazzling Radiance set safe! You’ll need it to redeem your prize!)

NOTE: Please submit a .JPG or .GIF file of maximum 1MB in size.

1st Prize: 1 pair of return tickets to New York
2nd Prize: 1 iPod Shuffle & a Maybelline product hamper worth $250
3rd Prize: 1 iPod Shuffle & a Maybelline product hamper worth $150
3 x Consolation Prizes: Maybelline product hamper worth $80

Psst! Your friends can take you closer to New York! Get them to vote for your design here. Their votes count for 40% of your score!


Available at all Watsons & Guardian stores for S$25.90

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Etude O2 White Mask Tub Review

What? Etude House o2 Mask White (Tub)
Where to buy? Etude House
How much? SGD $25.90 for 100ml

Previously, I reviewed the freebie masks Etude House gave out which were so unfortunately, not available for sale at all.
And I loved them!
You can check out my previous review HERE

Now, I've gotten the tub version; which is the only one in the market.
I don't understand why they had to discontinue the sheet mask version.
But anyway, a tub version is better than nothing!

I saw this ad online and was wondering if there's any truth in it.
Like can it really whiten your skin to that extent?!?

And guess what?! It really does!
I tried it on my so-tanned-that-I-look-like-a-beach-goddess arm and it did show a
much lighter patch on the area where I'd left the mask on for 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, I couldn't capture it properly in photo though I did try!
So give me some credit for the failed attempt at least. LOL.
Thing is how long will this last?
Would the lighter tone remain or would it be gone in a day or even a few hours?

That will be yet another discovery I've got to make.
So stay tuned, I hope I'll be able to update soon.
Right now, I'm gonna apply it to the whole of both arms.
Seriously, I'm not exactly into that whole beach girl look :P

Saturday, 5 December 2009

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