Thursday, 2 July 2009

Nothing wrong being cheapo!

Let's face it. Everyone loves freebies.
That is why so many brands especially in the beauty industry use freebies also known as Gifts With Purchase (GWP) to lure potential customers. How often have you bought stuff which you don't really need just to top up and hit the required amount that is eligible for a GWP? Just think about it.

Freebies entice and excite. Just the thrill of receiving a popular, highly-raved beauty product in full retail size FREE OF CHARGE gets me all tingly inside. I love being able to try out new beauty products without having to foot a single cent.

So yes, I admit that I am a cheapo and loving it.
I have a circle of friends whom we affectionately name our group as the 'Cheapo Union'. We update each other on the latest warehouse sales, freebie news, contests and the likes. So you bought your L'oreal Derma Genesis Day Cream at $35.90? Well, I got it at $15 during the L'oreal warehouse sale. Will I pay the full retail price for it? No. I would rather wait for sale.

We scout the forums to sniff out the latest sales, register our boyfriend's details just to get another set of samples and attend events like the Bio-essence 24K Bio-gold 100 people challenge, where we allowed the world to see us bare-faced for 3 hours just to get the entire range of full-size Bio-gold products free.

There's nothing wrong with being 'cheapo' but be one with integrity & dignity. Everything which we have gotten free or won so far are through our own sheer effort. Be it writing a review or raving about a certain product.

Please do not plagiarize.
Please do not steal someone else's work and claim it's your own in bid of winning something out of it.
Because plagiarism is THEFT!

You know who you are.
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