Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Etude O2 White Mask Sheet Review

What? O2 White Mask Sheet
Where to buy? Etude House but not available for sale
How much? Not for sale

Sadly, this is not for sale but only available as a freebie.
They have the ones in a tub, the wash off kind for sale as an alternative.
More information about the tub ones can be found here


I was elated when I saw them giving it out on Monday as a freebie.
The O2 white mask sheet was calling out to me.
I felt compelled to go grab one. After all, it was free.

So I just tried one on after cleansing my face from makeup.
I left it on for around 20 minutes because I lost track of time.
The instructions behind read 10-15 minutes.

Anyway, one thing I really like about this mask is that it was not
dripping with essence when I opened it.
I hate those sheet masks which makes DIY masking such a messy chore with all
the goo dripping all over you after you try to fix it on.
The essence packed was adequate and just right.
There was even a little bit more left in the pack which I used on my neck.

So after 20 minutes, I was to surprised to see that it actually worked!
My skin appeared brighter and fairer.
Pores appeared smaller and less visible.
OMG this is good stuff man!

I'm a convert!

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