Monday, 22 June 2009

Oxy Miracle Peel Treatment at Skin Inc Review

Firstly, a brief intro to Skin Inc and since I am not familiar with them.
I took this off's website.

"Skin Inc is Asia’s first skin supplement bar, a concept designed for busy women (and metrosexuals). Just pop over and the consultants will help you select the right ‘cocktail mix’ of skin serums for your individual skin condition. The bar stocks the dermatology-based V-Solution 10 Series from Japan – touted as non-invasive alternatives to popular treatments like Botox and IPL – and dispenses treatments such as the Diamond Peel ($98), Skin Infusion ($198) and Collagen Crystal Mask ($35) that’ll only take between 45 to 60 minutes."

I've tried their diamond peel & skin infusion treatment at the Central branch twice.
Previously, I had raved about their black crystal mask in my blog before.
Check it out HERE

However, their treatments are freaking expensive.
Diamond peel treatment = diamond peel alone... no extractions, no mask included.
And it'll set you back at $98.
Normal facial places may charge around this price too but they include extractions and mask.

I so happened to be one of the lucky 50 who responded to their SMS blast and have gotten myself a FREE Oxy Miracle Peel Treatment. Hence, I went down to try out their latest treatment since they had a new machine and a newly opened branch at Orchard Central.

This Oxy Miracle Peel Treatment has a whooping ala-carte price of $128.
It's actually a deep cleansing treatment which uses only oxygen and pure water microdroplets accelerated to supersonic speed to deeply exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate the skin. It is ideal for all types of skin and promises visible change of skin tone with just one treatment. The con was that it was a rather unpleasant experience for me. The gush of cold air (oxygen) emitting from the jet spray sure was uncomfortable.

When asked about the difference between this and the diamond peel.
Cindy, my therapist, explained that this treatment is more suitable for people with sensitive or dehydrated skin as it is less drying. Furthermore, diamond peels will thin your skin if overdone. She also mentioned that the diamond peel was actually more suited for those suffering from pitted scars.

Luckily, I am blessed with pretty decent skin. Hence, she told me that it'll be better for me to go for the Oxy Miracle Peel treatment instead.
She commented that my skin is a little sensitive.
See, the skin is a really funny, complex and complicated organ.
One moment I can be enjoying normal skin and the next, it's drying or sensitive.

Anyway, I got talked into topping up $68 for their Onsen thermal water treatment (flown in from Japan according to her),in which she would use the same machine on me but this time round with the thermal water instead.

The results were instant. My face appeared brighter and fairer too.
My skin tone looked more even and Cindy even offered to do extractions for me.
I was surprised but she was equally just as surprised to learn that the folks at the Central branch did not do extractions.

Anyway, Cindy's facial massage was pretty good. I hope that it'll give my face that extra boost and lifting effect.
I think most of Skin Inc's clientèle are older women or tai tais, I mean, seriously who can afford such pricey treatments.
Hence, it probably is no wonder why EVERY TIME I go over for a treatment. They'll gush over how young I am or look.

I ended the facial with their crystal black mask which I had brought down personally.
Cindy told me that it's not advisable to reuse the mask since your skin would have absorbed most of the nutrients and moisture. But it was alright to use it on other parts of your body like your neck etc.

How strange, since the lady at the Central branch mentioned that it can be used on 2 separate occasions and not exceeding 2 .... or was it 5 hours in total? While ANOTHER lady at the Central branch told me that she wore it to sleep.

I think Skin Inc should seriously retrain their staff. How can I have 3 Skin Inc staff telling me DIFFERENT things regarding the SAME SINGLE PRODUCT!?!

Anyway, I am rather satisfied with the treatment results today that I am giving it 4 out of 5 hearts.


Minus 1 for the hefty price tag and lack of comfort.
But 4 hearts for the results and Cindy's initiative to do extractions and a great facial massage for me!
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