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Moisture Liposome 30-days Challenge by Cosme Decorte

I enjoyed myself immensely at the Moisture Liposome event which was jointly organized by Cosme Decorte & Cozycot. Only 50 cotters were selected to participate and I am truly luck to have been given this opportunity.

The moment I reached, I was greeted by staff in purple.
Purple was the theme color of the day.
As you can see, because the Moisture Liposome is packaged in a purple bottle.

The speaker, Nakamura-san was an funny, friendly and lovely lady who was very interactive with her audience.
My full enjoyment was obstructed by the language barrier. It is a pity that I did not understand Japanese. However, she had a pretty translator by her side to assist her.

Before the talk begun, she approached each of us individually to analyze our skin condition. We were then allocated our seat according to our skin type. My skin type was Normal though the T-zone may tend to get a little oily and my cheeks may get dry if I am in an air-conditioned room. Bingo! It is amazing how she could tell by just looking at my skin alone. I got the same results when I did the skin analysis at an IPSA event with the help of their machine.

Nakamura-san has been in this beauty industry for more than a decade, and she is also one of Japan's Top 10 makeup artiste. Hence, it was really a great opportunity and privilege to meet her and hear her speak. She is 48 years old but hardly look like she is. It seems like Japanese women are really good at maintaining and taking good care of their skin. After all, they shun the sun and go out in wide-brimmed hats, lots of sunblock and anti-UV ray umbrellas.

We each had a mirror, writing papers, a pencil and a leaflet on the Moisture Liposome set in front of us.

Here are some beauty tips which I managed to take down during the talk.
The gradual process of aging begins at 25.
Honestly, I hate the thought of aging and growing uglier.
I do not really believe in 'aging gracefully' and how 'wrinkles are beautiful as they each hold a memory or tells a story'. I think it is bullshit and really wish that I could be like Peter Pan to never grow up.

Ok, sorry for digressing and yes, back to the topic on the aging process.
So at age 25, your skin starts to deteriorate in secretion function, which simply means that it loses the ability to provide sufficient hydration. This would result in more opened pores too.

At age 30, your blood circulation and metabolism slows down tremendously.
This would result in dullness and dark spots/pigmentation becomes more obvious.
One way to slow this process down is to massage your face daily.
Nakamura-san mentioned that she does it without fail and seeing how good she looks at her age. I'll try to make it point to remember to do so as well.
This reminds me of what I'd learnt from the previous IPSA event that gently tapping on the skin in certain areas while applying skincare can help improve blood circulation.

At age 35, there'll be a change in your dermis environment.
Thus, resulting in much more obvious dullness and pigmentation issues.

Credits to

Your skin slows down in collagen production so at this stage, I personally feel that it is more important to load up on the collagen and coQ10 supplements.
Speaking of which, for the past few weeks, I've not been disciplined in taking my supplements. =X

By age 44, the condition accelerates and sagging of the skin starts to show.
Oh the horrors of horrors!
There is no turning back if you do not do much for your skin by the age of 35.
Everything is irreversible unless you go for aesthetic treatments such as a face lift or botox I guess?

So now, let's focus on this wonder product that can improve our skin in 3-6 days.
Presenting the Moisture Liposome by Cosme Decorte!

This is one of the best-sellers in Isetan Japan, Shinjuku area.
Where sales target for it hit 100 million yen.
And one bottle of this is retailing for 10K Yen over there.
It costs $157 for 30ml in Singapore.
This product is exclusively available at Isetan Scotts & Takashimaya.

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Nakamura-san mentioned that cleansing is the most important step in the basic skincare regime. Especially since we will be piling on other skincare products onto our bare skin after cleansing, we need to make sure that our skin is thoroughly cleansed or else it'll hinder the effects of the skincare products which are then subsequently applied on.

So what is Liposome?

Liposome is actually derived from a medical technology.
A quick check in Wiki shows that....

"A liposome is a tiny bubble (vesicle), made out of the same material as a cell membrane. Liposomes can be filled with drugs, and used to deliver drugs for cancer and other diseases.
Membranes are usually made of phospholipids, which are molecules that have a head group and a tail group. The head is attracted to water, and the tail, which is made of a long hydrocarbon chain, is repelled by water."

To read on more if you're keen, please go to Wikipedia - Liposome

To Cosme Decorte the liposome, is affectionately known as a postman which delivers what is required to parts of your skin.

So this liposome actually has the same composition as our cells and it also helps to repair our cells. It is very TINY, measuring 6-12 microns as compared to our skin cell which is around 60-80 microns. Hence, the liposome is easily absorbed into our skin upon application. In one pump of the Moisture Liposome, we're getting 44 thousand billion liposomes!

The Moisture Liposome has 4 effects, of which they are namely the:
Targeting effect - it targets your problem areas effectively
Long-lasting effect - using it day & night ensures that it stays in your skin for 24 hours
Skin-friendly effect - it is gentle on our skin
Moisture effect - it provides the sufficient hydration we need

It is oil-free, so no worries. :)
And we were instructed to use it once in the day and once at night.
It is best used immediately after cleansing is done.
The recommended amount was 3 full pumps per use.
While applying, massage it onto the face gently. It not only helps improve blood circulation but also ensures that the liposomes get absorbed into your skin.
As this is just an essence, you're advised to continue with the rest of your skincare regime AFTER this step.

So it should be cleansing > Moisture Liposome > The usual stuff you do like tone and moisturize.

I just took some BEFORE shots of my skin before trying this star product of Cosme Decorte. I hope to see improvement within a week. :)
Also I must add on that I was elated to have Nakamura-san comment that I had good skin. I think I am rather lucky considering how I was a late-bloomer to skincare and having started only mid last year.

Alittle on the texture of the Moisture Liposome before I end this entry.
It looks and feels like a water-based gel. Then as you spread it on your skin, it turns into liquid.
This liquid feels a little oily and sticky but it does not stay that way for long.
It is almost immediately absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, soft and smooth.

Surely, it deserves a kiss for all that it does. Muahs <3


Good night!
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